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Sister act! Inside Penny and Jessica McNamee’s tight sibling bond


Sibling rivalry is natural in any household, but sisters Penny and Jess McNamee are extremely proud of one another.

Despite the fact that they live on opposite sides of the globe, they are each other’s strongest supporters.

While Penny, 38, has made a name for herself on the long-running soap Home And Away, Jess, 34, who rose to popularity as Sammy Rafter on Packed To The Rafters, is now based in Los Angeles, where she can be seen in shows like Into the Dark on Hulu and films like Mortal Kombat, The Neighbor, and Black Water: Abyss.

“I’ve been working hard, and things are now coming together after a long wait. In both my personal and professional lives, I’m in a point where I’m completely comfortable with myself, which is really lovely – and really exciting “Jess spoke with TV WEEK about her burgeoning career in 2018.


Both sisters are married, with Jess marrying property developer Patrick Caruso in 2019 and Penny marrying her high school lover Matt Tooker since 2009.

The two grew up on a property in Dural, Sydney’s Hills District, as part of a large family that included two other sisters and a brother.

Penny has remarked on their childhood, saying, “Growing up with so many siblings was pandemonium – always loads of fun and plenty of laughs.”

Penny and Jess have not yet starred in a show together, though they have both appeared on Home And Away, though at different times.


Never say no to a sisterly collaboration!

Penny has previously stated of working with her younger sister, “It would be amazing, but someone has to write something for us.”

“If we don’t kill each other, we’ll be fine. If you know somebody who needs sisters cast, please let us know “Jess had a good laugh at the moment.

Scroll down to see some of Penny and Jess McNamee’s greatest moments.


During a visit to the set of the soap, Penny and her Home And Away co-star James Stewart rub shoulders with Jess.

Back in 2016, Jess captioned this heartwarming family selfie, “A surprise visit from TWO sisters and a gorgeous nephew today.”

It’s a flashback from the past! Back in the day, both Jess and Penny had darker hair.

Despite the fact that the siblings have never collaborated on a project, they are open to the concept.

“If we don’t murder each other,” Jess quipped, before adding, “We’re there if someone needs sisters.”

During a journey back to Australia in 2015, Jess tweeted, “Siblings all in one spot #Christmasinaustralia.”


The entire McNamee clan has gathered for a family celebration.

What a nostalgia… Penny and Jess as children with their parents.

This is a proud auntie moment! When Penny gave birth to her first child, Jack, Jess posted this lovely photo to Instagram with the caption: “Little man, welcome to the family! This little potato was presented by my clever sister two nights ago. I couldn’t possibly love you any more, Jack Tooker x.”

Penny, ever the supporting sister, attended the Sydney premiere of her younger sister’s new picture, Mortal Kombat, last month.

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