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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Eden nearly catches Levi and Mackenzie in the act when they appear on Home and Away.

Meanwhile, newcomer Valerie steers Theo—who is defenseless—down a hazardous road, and Tane muses over making a permanent move to New Zealand.

  1. Eden makes a significant choice

Eden is torn about releasing a victim impact statement critical of the boys who abducted Remi and her.

She is certain that ringleader Wes must pay for his actions, but believes Mickey, his sibling, should get off lighter.


Remi is furious at the idea, so Eden visits Levi to get comfort. When she gets to his hotel room, she nearly witnesses him and Mackenzie having an affair.

  1. Remi’s history haunts her

Eden feels empowered and appreciative to have her big brother back in her life, and Levi supports her decision.

Remi, who is furious that Eden is standing by her decision to assist Mickey, declares that he will make a statement of his own that will be in direct opposition to Eden’s.

Remi is experiencing extreme stress when all of a sudden he has a clear flashback to the exact moment of his accident.

  1. Remi has changed her mind.

Cash feels compelled to step in as Remi and Eden’s argument intensifies.

Reminding Remi that Eden has every right to share her tale, he stands up for his girlfriend.

Eden then requests the magistrate to take Mickey’s efforts to assist them into consideration as she records her victim impact statement.

After hearing Eden’s request, Remi decides he can’t and won’t go in the way of her.

  1. Levi gives Mac conflicting cues

After the near-miss with Eden, Levi is shaken and assures Mac that their affair must never be discovered by his sister.

He says that after he sided with his father when he cheated on their mother, he and Eden become alienated.

Mac feels closer to Levi than ever as the couple exchanges prior experiences.

She texts the doctor later at work in an amorous mood to let him know she’s missing him, and is shocked by his stern response.

  1. John and Roo declare a truce

When Roo says she’s paying Cash for his research into the unidentified donor with Surf Club funds, John is upset.

The coworkers argue until Roo gives in and decides to pay for Cash’s employment herself.


John promises to use the funds to reduce his personal spending in return.

  1. Cash is making a move.

When Cash learns information about the donation’s source from an unknown caller, it’s a breakthrough.

Afterwards, Cash tells John and Roo that his investigation has come to a standstill and that they should let it go.

Immediately realising that he is lying, the cunning couple swears to find out what Cash is hiding from them.

  1. Valerie extends an invitation to remain

Now that she is back at home, Leah finds it challenging to live with Justin.

She won’t sleep in her fiancé’s bed; she is obviously afraid of hurting him again.

Valerie offers to move in with Leah and assist her emotionally when she confides in her about her anxieties. She’s thrilled about the possibility of having a new roommate, but Justin is still hesitant.

  1. Valerie is not trusted by Justin

In an effort to get to know Valerie better, Justin takes her for a stroll on the beach.

When Justin questions Valerie about how she got up in the clinic, it sets off a chain reaction in their conversation.

He apologises for his careless error, but he doesn’t let Valerie meddle in his or Leah’s life any longer.

  1. Tane desires to leave.

When Tane gets home, he soon finds out that Mac has been having an affair with a married guy.

Tane acknowledges that he had slept with Felicity prior to his departure for New Zealand, while Mac attempts to defend her behaviour.

When Tane informs Mali that he’s determined there’s nothing keeping him in Summer Bay and that he’s returning to New Zealand, the bombshells keep coming.

  1. Tane and Felicity receive an epiphany

After learning about Tane’s choice via Mali, Felicity is devastated and goes to her ex’s house to find out why he didn’t tell her earlier.

The ex-couple talks about dating other people as Tane maintains he’s not doing it to hurt her.

Tane decides to stay a little while longer after Felicity reassures him that she will always want the best for him.

  1. Harper is removed by Xander

Dana arranges a date for Harper with Xander, another single person, by acting as a matchmaker.

After going to Moonlight at Salt together, Xander treats Harper like a true gentlemen as he walks her home.

The following morning, Dana is let down when Harper and Xander acknowledge there isn’t a love spark, even though everyone is eager to hear all the juicy details.

  1. Mali and Rose grow more remote

After a string of miscommunications, Rose and Mali are getting closer to being friends.

Mali confides in Xander that he hasn’t been spending much time with his partner lately and that it feels like he’s on his own once more.

Is there a chance for the pair to reconcile?

  1. Valerie gives Theo medication

Theo is hurt by Valerie’s callous response after receiving a text message informing him that he has failed his TAFE results.

Kirby watches in jealousy as Valerie promptly apologises for being harsh and Theo draws her in for an embrace.

After a heated argument between the ex-couples, Valerie gives Theo a pill as a pick-me-up. Though he initially hesitates, he eventually consumes the medication. When will Theo regret taking such a chance?

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