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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (June 6 to 10)


Wedding bells will ring in Erinsborough next week on Neighbours, but will the big day go according to plan?

In the meantime, Kiri may have to choose between Nicolette and Chloe.

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding is in jeopardy

Weddings in Erinsborough are rarely straightforward affairs, but one planned at the last minute is even more problematic, as Hendrix and Mackenzie discover this week.


When the big day appears to be set for the zoo, everyone is thrown for a loop when the booking falls through and a last-minute replacement is required.

To make matters worse, Pierce and Grant can’t seem to get along and frequently clash, much to the bride and groom’s chagrin. Will they be able to hold their wedding?

2. Kiri is concerned about Nicolette’s safety

Kiri has affairs of the heart to deal with while navigating the treacherous world of discovering that your neighbour is your father – and both Chloe and Nicolette are on her radar.

Kiri warmed up to Nic last week after growing closer to Chloe, but next week threatens to reverse all of that when Kiri watches another outburst from the erratic Nicolette.


Surprisingly, it is Chloe who defends Nic, and it appears that her comments are just what Kiri needs.

3. The wedding day has arrived

It’s the day of the Ramsay Street wedding, which could be the last one, and Hendrix and Mackenzie are determined to make it the best day ever.

Pierce and Grant even put their differences aside for the sake of their wedded children, and the day turns out to be all they dreamed for and more.

Back at The Waterhole, the party continues, and Grant and Mackenzie share a father-daughter dance after watching Hendrix bust a move. It’s the ideal day, but will they be happy for the rest of their lives?


4. Kiri’s love life becomes increasingly difficult

The wedding provides the ideal opportunity for everyone to let loose – and Kiri enjoys a night to remember.

Kiri allows herself to believe that something might develop between her and Nicolette, only to be surprised when Nic arrives with a date – Asher.

Kiri and Chloe spend the most time together as the night progresses, and the thrill of the wedding brings them closer than either of them expected.

5. Pierce has a special treat in store for the newlyweds

With the wedding over and Hendrix and Mackenzie blissfully married, the couple enjoys the finest honeymoon possible, despite Hendrix’s impending operation, which will require them to stay at home.

Chloe and Kiri go to great lengths to ensure that they have the perfect “homey-moon,” but Pierce has the biggest surprise in store for them.

He reveals that he has brought the couple their very own apartment, putting all prior gifts to shame, supposedly.


6. Paul’s strategy fails

Not that they needed much assistance, but Paul’s plan to exacerbate the divide between Terese and Estelle looks to be working – at least at first.

Terese plays right into Paul’s hands when she loses her cool with Estelle after seeing her sharing a drink with him.

While Paul first believes that things are going well, he soon realises that something has gone wrong when Estelle makes a move at him.

7. Will Nicolette be able to put Kiri in her place?

While Kiri and Chloe deal with their wedding hook-up, Nicolette begins to think it’s time for her to move on, unaware that Kiri is now looking for something from her.

Asher is the catalyst for her new attitude, as the two discover they get along better than expected during their date. But Kiri is still on her mind, and she can’t help but hope that they still have a chance when she notices some awkwardness with Chloe. Will Nicolette be able to, and should she, move on?

8. Corey’s plans for Harlow aren’t finished yet

Corey has been MIA since his unsuccessful effort to kidnap Harlow and take her to The Order, but Harlow discovers that he hasn’t given up on her.

Harlow is terrified to discover that he is watching what she is doing on her computer owing to spyware.

While first disturbed by the news, Harlow quickly realises that she has the perfect opportunity to draw Corey out and ensure that he is apprehended for his crimes. Is Harlow, though, now again on a perilous path?

9. Jimi Hendrix undergoes surgery

Nobody can say Hendrix doesn’t have a lot on his plate next week, as he not only gets married, but he also has to endure the dangerous lung transplant procedure.

While Hendrix attempts to appear unconcerned about what’s going on, Mackenzie knows better, and she does everything she can to make him feel at ease.

When the big day arrives, she, Pierce, Karl, and Susan are all there to see him off as he is wheeled away, but will the operation go as planned?

10. Terese has finished with Estelle

Since the moment she abruptly came in Erinsborough, Estelle has been treading a tight line with Terese, and it appears that she will go too far next week.

After attempting to kiss Paul, he rapidly realises that he must back away completely, and he was the only person in Erinsborough who remained on Estelle’s side.

Estelle tries to make amends with Terese by begging pardon, but it doesn’t work, and Terese declares her displeasure. Will Estelle ever be given the opportunity to put things right?

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