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Home and Away spoilers: Levi CONFESSES to wife Imogen…


Almost everyone in Summer Bay is aware of the Home and Away (1:45pm – check our TV Guide for listings) couple, Emily Weir and Tristan Gorey, who are married, having an affair.

However, Imogen (Georgia Blizzard), Levi’s wife, is still ignorant that her husband has been playing away from home for several months with Mackenzie, his former hospital patient.

Levi returns to the city to FINALLY tell Imogen the truth, as Mackenzie waits tensely back in the Bay.

Imogen has begun to suspect that Levi could object to their becoming parents.


When she finds out that he has been having an affair, she will be shocked.

AND is now going to be with the other woman instead of her!

Imogen, distraught, sends Levi packing and returns to Mackenzie’s embrace.

The forbidden couple is back together.


Will there be any more drama to come?

After their one-night affair, everything between Dana Matheson (Ally Harris) and Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) is a little awkward.

Dana is certain that their hook-up was an error.

However, she was caught in the act of searching Xander’s bedroom for her misplaced phone.


When Xander subsequently confesses that he was upset to learn that she had done a runner the morning after the previous night, Dana is taken aback.

In fact, he believes they could be more than simply close pals!

Has Dana been waiting for this moment since she first had THAT crush on Xander?

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