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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Next on Home and Away, the enigmatic newcomer Harper shows up in the Bay and asks Cash for a very big favour.

In other news, Kirby chooses to leave Lyrik and go it alone, Alf has to wait anxiously, and Rose resolves to find her real father.

This is the whole set of 11 significant events.

Kirby looks into the music.


To confront Kirby about her covert meetings with music manager Forrest Duke, Lyrik called a band gathering.

Kirby is honest and forthright with them, expressing that she is no longer happy in Lyrik and that she has been battling for some time.

Kirby is commended by Justin for pursuing her aspirations, but Remi wonders if the danger is worthwhile. Kirby eventually finds her questions to be too much to handle and leaves to go surfing to think about her future.

  1. Remi desires that Kirby remain

Remi makes a pathetic attempt to persuade Kirby to stay in the band while Theo panics at the thought of Kirby going solo.


This is swiftly eclipsed when she gets a special package from Forrest that includes candies, flowers, and sketches.

Forrest’s offer has Kirby quite tempted, and Mackenzie, who is encouraging, is all for it, saying Kirby deserves this chance.

  1. Kirby leaves the group

Remi tries to remind Lyrik of their modest beginnings after realising they are about to lose Kirby. All too little, too late, though, as Kirby declares she’s going it alone. Her choice has devastated Justin, but Leah believes Lyrik can continue with his help.

Afterwards, Eden loses her cool and begins throwing Kirby’s clothes onto the street while Justin meets with the band to talk about their future as a trio.


She eventually settles down and she and Remi decide how they’re going to proceed without Kirby.

Felicity takes a courageous stance.

After Felicity’s latest attack, Tane, Cash, and Felicity are resolved to defend the ladies of Summer Bay.

They go to work on their objective; Tane registers as a self-defense instructor, and Felicity establishes a codeword system at Salt for anyone who feels unsafe.

Additionally, they distribute flyers at the surf club, but the lack of enthusiasm from locals annoys them. When Felicity leaps up on a table and cries out that she was sexually abused, people start to pay attention. However, Felicity feels exposed and uneasy after her daring public display.

  1. Mac backs Felicity’s endeavours

Tane praises Felicity for her bravery and finds it admirable that she put herself in danger for the sake of women’s safety.


The couple decides to take their ideas to Mackenzie after Felicity is heartened to hear that people are now taking the flyers.

Felicity gets even more wonderful news when Mac gives her permission to tell everyone about it, including the Salt team.

  1. Alf awaits the results of his hearing test.

After a recent hearing test, Alf is anxiously anticipating the findings and gets upset when Bree says he probably needs to get fitted for hearing aids.

In the hopes that Alf may change his mind, Marilyn helps Bree schedule his specialist visits.

Justin is told by Alf that he is happy that they have addressed his hearing loss, suggesting that their persistence has paid off. Alf acknowledges that he’s anxious about receiving his test results in time to see Roo, but Bree works her magic and expedites his next appointment.

  1. Give Harper a greeting.

In Summer Bay, a new face has appeared when social worker Harper responds to Irene’s post seeking a lodger.

The women click right away, but John is apprehensive about the newcomer. He chooses to pry into her belongings, but Irene catches him red-handed.

Irene gives John a hard time before giving him the house keys. However, Harper begins acting strangely behind closed doors. What does she do?

  1. Cash experiences a flashback

John makes the decision to monitor Harper and notices that she seems uncomfortable among cops. This makes him quite certain that Irene has invited an inappropriate person to stay with her.

When Cash swings by the coffee cart, he’s prepared to voice his worries, but he’s shocked to see that the cop is an old colleague and gives Harper a heartfelt hug.

Harper begs Cash for a private conversation while John is made to eat humble pie.

  1. The sister of Harper comes to town

Harper acknowledges that she has come to the Bay to ask Cash for a significant favour back at Cash’s. After drugs were found in her apartment and her boyfriend put her under the bus, her sister Dana is on the run from the law.

According to Harper, Cash must take all reasonable steps to establish her sister’s innocence because there is an outstanding warrant for Dana’s arrest. Cash is hesitant to assist, but he accepts after Harper tells him what she knows.

When Harper gets back to Irene’s, she has dinner with her new landlady. However, Harper slips supper leftovers into her room while Irene goes to sleep, and Dana enters through the window.

  1. Rose looks into her ancestry.

After receiving the all-clear from the physicians, Mali quickly returns to surfing. Mali is thrilled to be doing what he loves again, but he can’t help but sense Rose is suddenly becoming distant from him.

After their night shift, Rose tells Cash what’s been bothering her over coffee. She reveals that she is curious to learn more about her biological father after getting to know Mali’s mother.

Xander believes Rose is betraying their mother’s wishes and the man they both named dad by searching the internet for answers.

  1. Rose makes a discovery

Even though Xander keeps telling her that she ought to inform their mother what she’s up to, Rose is determined to learn more about her background.

Rose tells Mali that she has been looking for her father when they meet up on the beach.

Rose is appreciative of Mali’s help, and soon afterwards, she finds an old picture of the guy she thinks is her father.

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