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Home and Away’s Roo and Marilyn to have massive row as feud escalates


Even though Roo is now healing from the near-fatal tragedy, she remains enraged at Marilyn for concealing her involvement with the dubious skincare brand Stunning Organics.

The two pals will get into a heated disagreement that could jeopardise their friendship in future scenes that will air in Australia. Marilyn knows that her friend needs round-the-clock care, so she is determined to help now that her father Alf is gone, but Roo isn’t shy about telling Marilyn that she should leave.

Roo is forced to give in when Marilyn threatens to reveal the truth to Alf, even though their friendship remains strained.

Roo is furious with Marilyn because she misrepresented the activities of Stunning Organics, endangering the lives of her friends in the process. When John was driving, a bomb that had been planted in Marilyn’s van exploded, sending Roo flying off the side of the road and seriously hurting her.


Actress Georgie Parker of Roo discussed her character’s complex emotions towards Marilyn following the explosion in an interview with TV Week.

She claimed that “Roo was attempting to assist Maz in her involvement with Stunning Organics.”

“However, she found it difficult to understand what was going on or how determined Maz was to complete the pyramid scheme because she kept lying about it.”

Marilyn felt so bad about herself after the accident that she didn’t even pay Roo a visit during her three-month hospital stay, which made her friend feel abandoned.


Parker stated, “Maz felt abandoned and resentful because she didn’t go see Roo.

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