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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (June 13 to 17)


A momentous week is coming ahead on Neighbours, as tragedy strikes Ramsay Street. This week’s major spoilers will smack you straight in the face.

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Hendrix passes away following surgery

As the new week begins, Hendrix’s friends and family are waiting at the hospital as he undergoes surgery, but things quickly take a fatal turn for the worse.

At first glance, the news appears to be great, as Hendrix emerges from surgery and appears to be in good health. It’s a big relief for Mackenzie and the others, but they only get a brief respite before things spiral downward.


With only hours to live, Hendrix realises that he must say his final goodbyes to everyone while he still has the chance.

2. Ramsay Street is reeling from a series of tragic events

The death of Jimi Hendrix is a bitter pill for the entire town to take, and the anguish can be felt all the way along Ramsay Street. Mackenzie, bereaved, leans on Harlow for comfort, while Kiri is on hand to assist a bereft Chloe, who is having trouble coping.

Meanwhile, Zara learns that Hendrix had pre-recorded a video for those close to him in case things went wrong. It appears that, like Stingray Timmins before him, his friends and family will get one last opportunity to see him.

3. Melanie assists Toadie in dealing with his sadness

Everyone is reeling from the news of Jimi Hendrix’s death, and the Rebecchi household is no exception.


Melanie is one individual who shows to be a source of comfort for them all, and Toadie is blown away by how effectively she takes care of them all.

Toadie realises how fortunate he is to have Mel in his life when he sees her caring for an angry Nell, and he asks Mel a surprise question.

4. Mackenzie must make a difficult decision

Mackenzie is the one on Ramsay Street who is having the greatest trouble. Losing her new spouse is one of life’s cruellest blows, and the grieving widow is forced to make an agonising decision in the wake of his death.

There are two planned memorials for Hendrix, one in Erinsborough and the other in Sydney, and Mac is hoping that both will be wonderful. However, when she discovers that they are both scheduled for the same day, she is forced to pick between the two. What is Mackenzie’s plan?


5. Melanie considers Toadie’s suggestion

For the final year of Neighbours, we may already have two weddings under our belts, but a third could be on the way.

Melanie is taken aback when Toadie proposes, and while he is confident that he wants to marry her, she is unsure and fears that he is acting on heightened emotions in the aftermath of Hendrix’s death.

Melanie, moved by his gesture, recommends that they live together instead of marrying. What will Toadie’s reaction be, and is there still a chance the two may walk down the aisle before the programme ends?

6. Estelle gains an advantage over Glen

After her recent argument with Terese, Estelle was instructed to leave Ramsay Street, but we soon learn that she hasn’t gone far. She is able to persuade Glen to put her up at the vineyard by playing the compassion card, but Glen will quickly regret his decision.

With Estelle’s reputation for using dubious tactics, she quickly gains control over Glen and begins blackmailing him – but this will backfire on both of them.

7. Harlow is hell-bent on catching Corey

For the time being, the wicked Corey has managed to dodge the cops, but Harlow is aware that he is still keeping an eye on her – and she has devised a strategy to track him down.


Harlow believes she has the perfect technique to lure Corey into a trap now that she knows Corey has spyware on her phone.

Andrew is opposed to the plan and does everything he can to persuade Harlow to reconsider, but she is adamant about bringing Corey to justice and sets up a meeting.

Corey is forced to reconsider her plans when Corey alters the time and location at the last minute. Harlow, on the other hand, has no idea that someone else is about to be endangered.

8. Terese is confronted with yet another betrayal

Glen has little choice but to comply with Estelle’s demands, and he does so by attempting to persuade Terese to give her another chance. Terese agrees to attempt to sort things out with Glen after hearing his remarks.

Even if it is just for a brief moment, the two take positive steps toward reconciliation, leaving Glen feeling more terrible than ever. He thinks that Terese should hear the truth since he knows he has to confess what has been going on – but it backfires.

9. The lives of Sadie and Zara are in jeopardy

While everyone is shocked by Hendrix’s death, Sadie is especially devastated because it was her actions that caused him to require the transplant in the first place. Wanting to help, she discovers that Harlow is looking for Corey and convinces Zara to accompany her out into the bush to find him.

It quickly proves to be yet another blunder by the couple, as they discover Corey but have no idea how much danger they are now in as a result.

10. Will Terese be able to forgive Glen?

Terese is suffering with the sorrow of being double-crossed once more now that she knows what happened between Glen and Estelle and the information she had on him.

Glen is ashamed of his behaviour and angry at himself for relapsing, but can he persuade Terese to forgive him, or is their relationship doomed?

When Terese offers to pay Estelle to leave for good, she realises she has finally pushed her daughter too far. Will Estelle steal the money and flee?

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