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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (June 13 to 17)


A tragic tragedy hits the Bay next week on Home and Away.

Meanwhile, Nikau uncovers Chloe’s lie, and Ryder bids farewell.

Here’s a complete list of the 12 major events coming up.

1. Xander gives you some bad news

Both Xander and Jasmine come encounter a car accident on the road. One of the drivers is Logan, while the other is Millie, a complete stranger. Millie was accompanied by a passenger, Jo, in the automobile. Jo has been flung out of the car in the crash, and Xander is shocked to find her dead in the road.


While Xander is tending to Millie, he notices that Jo is also being treated. Later, at the hospital, he has deliver the devastating news that Jo has died. Logan chastises Xander for his over-involvement, reminding him that Millie is not his patient.

2. Logan and Millie have trouble remembering things

Cash tells Rose that the accident was caused by driving error, but it’s unclear if Logan or Millie was to blame.

When Logan and Millie converse at the hospital, they both admit that they have trouble remembering what happened.

3. Xander arouses suspicion

At the hospital, Millie lashes out at Xander, accusing him of being to blame for Jo’s death because he was unable to save her. Jasmine intervenes to clarify the situation, stating that Jo was already dead when they arrived on the scene.


Both Logan and Jasmine notice symptoms that Xander is growing overly connected to Millie, but he dismisses their concerns.

4. Justin receives a message from Theo

Theo informs Justin that he gets an automatic fail for failing to turn in his first TAFE assignment on time. Theo expects Justin to be enraged, but all Justin is upset about is the fact that he kept the news hidden.

After growing up with the violent Dimitri, Theo confides in Leah about how tough it is for him to overcome his ingrained anxieties. He recalled Dimitri’s enraged reaction after failing his driving exam, and he anticipated a similar reaction from Justin over TAFE.

5. Ryder announces his departure

Ryder informs his buddies that he has been offered a position on a cruise ship and that he intends to accept it.


The news is favourably received by Ryder’s friends and family, with the exception of Alf, who grumbles about the lack of notice.

6. Nikau goes through Chloe’s diary

When Nikau unintentionally knocks over Chloe’s diary, a snapshot of Bella sleeping falls out. Nikau is creeped out by the finding and can’t stop himself from browsing through the diary’s pages.

Chloe’s disclosures about how she tried to influence him and Bella astound Nikau. Bella tells Nikau to maintain his composure because they must focus on Ryder’s farewell party.

7. Nikau humiliates Chloe in public

Nikau tries his hardest to keep his emotions in check, but he can’t stand being around Chloe at Ryder’s farewell party. In front of the other guests, Nikau confronts Chloe about the contents of her diary, wondering whether she is in love with Bella.

Nikau’s behaviour has upset Chloe, who rushes out in tears.

8. Chloe finds a friend

Chloe subsequently explains herself to Nikau, stating that she was seeking emotional support from Bella and that she had no romantic intentions.


In the midst of Chloe’s humiliation, Theo sympathises with her and sets his problems with her aside in order to express his support. Chloe tries to kiss Theo, but he tells her that they should take it gradually.

9. Ryder departs from the Bay

Alf finally warms up to Ryder, and the two exchange an emotional goodbye.

Bella gets caught up in the Chloe drama and ends up following after Ryder’s car in order to give him a decent send-off.

10. PK pushes Felicity too far

Newcomer PK expresses his displeasure with Felicity’s presence at the following poker session. He informs Mac that because Felicity’s brother is a cop, he is hesitant to trust her.

Felicity, enraged at being cut out, goes to the police station to hunt for Cash. She asks Cash for assistance in finding information about PK, but he refuses to help her unless she tells him everything.

Rose overhears the conversation and offers her own assistance with the PK dilemma, but Felicity initially declines.

11. PK’s nefarious scheme comes to fruition

Nathan, followed by a hefty man, comes at the Parata house to face Felicity. They’re both trying to keep her from leaving while the poker night is going on.

PK deceives Mac about the game’s regulations by falsely declaring that the house won and she owes the players $100,000 when the night of poker is ended. PK promises to settle the bill on Mac’s behalf, but only if she ‘pays’ him by staying in his hotel room with him.

Ziggy tries to persuade Mac not to go along with it, but Mac eventually leaves for the motel.

12. Martha avoids receiving health-related updates

Martha should check in with her transplant coordinator for an update on her health, according to Roo. Martha puts it off because she wants to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Roo and Alf are both concerned that Martha is avoiding the doctor in this manner. She explains her action by stating that she does not want to have a bad day because of negative test results.

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