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Why Ada Nicodemou refuses to watch Heartbreak High


Ada Nicodemou insists she can’t watch herself on Heartbreak High, despite it being one of Australia’s most iconic cult shows.

The actress from Home and Away visited Dave Hughes, Ed Kavalee, and Erin Molan on their Hughesy, Ed, and Erin radio show today to talk about her career and the upcoming TV WEEK Logies.

Ada remarked that she’d been in the business for three decades, having started her acting career on Heartbreak High.

“So, when I was sixteen, I did Heartbreak High… Heartbreak is now available on Netflix, and I’m afraid to view it because I’m afraid to see how bad my acting and dancing were,” Ada joked.


“At the time, it was so pioneering,” she added of the show.

“It featured people who looked like me, which we’d never seen before on Australian television… I believe it still holds up, but I am afraid to watch it.”

The show, which was huge in its time, did exceptionally well when it was re-released on Netflix, spawning a revival that will air this year.

The drama, which stars Ayesha Madon, Chloe Hayden, and James Majoos, will be modernised for the twenty-first century while maintaining its gritty beginnings.


Characters that identify as gay and non-binary will be featured in the revised version, as well as neurodiversity among the actors and characters.

Ada also expressed her excitement for the TV WEEK Logie Awards on Sunday, saying she was looking forward to wearing the attire she had picked.

“It’s simply nice to feel secure and sure of oneself, and to know that even though walking the red carpet is intimidating, I feel good.” She remarked, “Being in my thirties is a good thing.”

Ada, who is now 45 years old, has played Leah Patterson on Home and Away since 2000.


On Sunday, Ada will compete for the Most Popular Actress award, which will be decided by public vote. She’s been nominated for the award several times but has yet to win home the Logie.

Ada will be on Channel Nine on Sunday evening for the 62nd TV WEEK Logie Awards.

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