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Weighing in the finish of the season and characters that come to the next season of Home And Away

In the Home and Away 2020 Season Finals, many of our favourite Summer Bay residents were in distress…

What was the year for Summer Bay residents? Home and Away saw it all from obsessions to intolerable betrayals. Nevertheless, nobody in the Bay could have seen what had happened in the final season tonight. The trouble will proceed as normal in the next year.

We’re going to address what happened in this article and it could go out of here. We will also sum up new characters and return characters that will appear over the next year. Just the episodes we are going to summerise.

2020 Season Finale


The condition in Jasmine affects their relationship is dealt with by Tori and Christian. Justin should not bother with Ziggy’s things like the payment of bills and invoices. The Paratas are now grappling with the fiasco of armed robbery. Things happen when the garage ends up being targeted by the police because of the stolen goods of Tane, which leaves the garage owner to lie in a sort of trouble.


John’s on-line dating experience is spoken to by Marilyn and Irene. Justin commands Ziggy to explain the garage while Tori and Christian chat about his future in the Bay. With Irene, John consents to dinner. Ziggy is trying to stop Tane, but they’re doing what Justin expected.


Jasmine receives permission to see Colby in jail in the final episode. Bella and Dean speak to Nikau, Colby, and Ziggy about breakfast. Tane wakes up with Ziggy from her one night’s stand and thinks about what happened. Kieran ties most to Alf’s distain with Martha and Roo. On a tour of the city Roo takes her new child.

On her way to Colby, Jasmine comes to the jail of Lewis’ old friend and fellow nurse. Kieran attempts to push Jasmine to do a job, but when Lewis is pushed into it he doesn’t succeed. Bella, seeking a comfort source, faces Nik times. In a car accident, Lewis reveals his wife is dead. Then Robbo died like that, she tells him. Colby’s in jail with the prisoner who reveals he thinks he’s a cop, leaving his destiny uncertain.

2021 Characters – New And Returning


It’s been a few months since River Boy Heath Braxton was revealed. Heath Braxton. We don’t know why he’s back, so we speculated that Colby will have to do and break him out of jail. However because the end of the season showed that the prisoners know he’s a cop, our thinking has shifted. We now suspect that the return of Heath may have something to do with the Parata boys problems.

Willow Harris – She quickly departed from the Bay when we saw the pain caused by her last time Willow, the best friend Dean and girlfriend, Bella. She returns, according to Back to the Bay, but why? She may be back for the memorial/funeral of Colby. It’s also obvious that Sarah Roberts was found around because she didn’t leave the show.

Amber and Jai Simmons – New year’s baby mum of Dean and her little boy come back. River Jarvis who plays Jai had his parent run account Patrick O’Connor posted images in recent weeks (Dean). Madeleine Jevic, when he’s back, it’s onscreen mum, too.

Ava Gilbert – the daughter of Justin, Ava will be reappearing at some stage next year but when and why is not known right now.


Luke Arnold appeared in the 2020 Season Finale as an old friend of Jasmine’s. Lewis Hayes – INXS: Never Break Us Apart Star. When they were younger, she had a fling with him but never gone. He married her best mate, who died later, on his way back to the Bay. For Christian’s death, he wants vengeance. Question is how did the neurosurgeon react in such a way?

Katherine – Does Ryder have a new love? He’ll be playing with Sam Barrett, it’s very likely. Jade, a compassionate pervert, was the only romantic interest he had. From the little details we have from Back to Bay), it was originally thought that she was rival to Bella, which gave her set images of Nikau’s arm.

Susie McCalister – Bridie Carter is coming into the new year in the 2021 promo. Susie is an agent of immobilisation who ends with John, based on the details we read.

The unknown character of Anna Samson is a little confused. The next character of Anna Samson. She will be the latest Summer Bay cop most likely to speculate to replace Colby after his death. Set images have nevertheless shown her clad in the Summer Bay gym uniform. Then what’s this? She might even try to shack with Ari, it is rumoured. Umm… what happened to Mac and him? It’s speculated also that the name of her character is Bridget, a Home and Away Spoiler FB Party. That has NOT been proven.

A Message For The Fans
Hey, we know now that the final was a little deception. However, if there was no COVID, a more intense cliffhanger may have happened. The end of last year in recent years was one of the best.

The finale in 2019 did not have a cliffhanger since we saw what was immediately fired after. Rest in tranquilly, Mason. However as the show begins in the new year there is possibly a huge show of distress.


Also, that doesn’t mean we won’t see… something when the series comes back, but we don’t see the Colby activities. His death will occur off the screen for all we know.

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