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“Was such a pleasure to work with you”: Home and Away stars farewell Sam Barrett


The cast of Home and Away treats one another like family, as any ardent Summer Bay fan would attest.

So when a cast member departs from the programme, there should be a spectacular send-off and heartfelt tributes.

The H&A cast bid Sam Barrett, who has played Chloe Anderson since early 2021, farewell on Thursday night.

Theo Poulos actor Matt Evans shared several behind-the-scenes pictures of himself and Sam on Instagram.


“Sammy ? I’ll miss your eccentricity and kind heart at the bay. Bye for now. was a real pleasure working with you ?, “Matt captioned his touching homage.

On the well-liked serial opera, Ethan Browne plays Tane Parata. He also shared a photo of himself with Kawakawa Fox Reo and Sam.

Ethan wrote with tenderness, “And like that we say ka kite and farewell to the niece.”

Sam received accolades for her 18-month stay on the show from former associate producer Brodie Macpherson of Home and Away.


In addition to a photo from her final day on set, Brodie also shared one from Sam’s very first day of filming.

“Happy for you. happy with your job. happy to call you a friend, “She wrote.

Thursday night’s episode of Sam’s show had her character Chloe bidding Summer Bay farewell so she could see her mother in New Zealand.

After trying out for four additional Home and Away roles, the 22-year-old was offered the role of Mia’s daughter in February of last year.


She admitted to Perth Now that her first day on set didn’t really feel real; rather, it was more like a dream.

“Every day I pick up new skills from everyone and the crew. My favourite aspect of producing the show is that. As a beginning performer, everyone is always willing to assist you.”

Sam leaves Home and Away after a number of other key cast members, including Sam Frost, Harley Bonner, Lukas Radovich, and Rob Kipa-Williams, left earlier this year.

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