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Warrior strength, violent attack and hidden torment: 9 huge Home and Away spoilers


Mia (Anna Samson) is having trouble communicating with Chloe (Sam Barrett) this week, as guilt grips her in the aftermath of Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) incarceration.

She resorts to desperate means and reads through her daughter’s diary, only to be appalled by the revelations.

Meanwhile, Theo (Matt Evans) fights his arrest, claiming that Alf (Ray Meagher) is only seeking to settle a score with Ryder following the Buried Alive hoax (Lukas Radovich). However, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) tells him the unpleasant reality: he has committed a crime and may face a lifetime of criminal records.

In other news, Neve’s (Sophie Bloom) illness worsens, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) begins to question whether bringing Logan’s (Harley Bonner) ex into the house was a wise idea. While going down the beach with Logan, Neve becomes persuaded that Bella (Courtney Miller) is photographing her and rushes at her. Bella warns Mackenzie to be cautious since Neve is unpredictable…


Here’s what’s on the horizon for Home and Away starting Monday, March 21.

Dean becomes concerned when he discovers Karen’s phone has been disconnected

Dean has been looking for his mother, Karen, who hasn’t shown up for work in a few days. His excursion to Mangrove River yields no fresh knowledge, and he becomes concerned that she is reverting to her old ways, as she did when he was a boy. Ziggy tries to reassure him by telling him that they don’t know what’s wrong yet. Dean is berating himself for not calling her in recent weeks, and to make matters worse, when he attempts to call her, he discovers that her phone has been disconnected…

In terrible diary entries, Mia finds Chloe’s hidden agony

Nikau and Chloe are trying to accept the truth that Ari could be gone to them forever after visiting him in detention. Tane leaves Mia alone with Chloe as Tane takes Nikau away for a few days. Mia grows frantic after several failed attempts to encourage her daughter to open up, and she reads Chloe’s diary. However, what she reads astounds her: ‘So many things have been ruined as a result of me.’ Mum shouldn’t have had me in the first place. I was not supposed to be born. If I hadn’t been here, none of this would have occurred, and everyone would be better off.’

After being arrested, Theo feels resigned to his situation

After Alf reported Theo for stealing the Surf Club Polaris a few weeks ago, he is transported to the police station. Justin makes a valiant attempt to thwart the arrest, but to no avail. While Theo claims that this is all about Alf settling scores, Cash informs Theo that he has committed a crime. Furthermore, he may have a criminal record that will follow him for the rest of his life. Theo begins to realise the gravity of the situation and accepts his fate with a heavy heart.


During Nikau’s rite of passage trip, Tane bestows warrior strength on him

In the aftermath of Ari’s incarceration, Nikau is disintegrating, and Tane devises a strategy to assist him. He tells Mia that they’ll have to go for a time, and he whisks his nephew away for a rite of passage. They pitch up camp in the wilderness, and Tane hands over a priceless family treasure that had belonged to Nikau’s father. He then tells Nikau that it’s time for him to learn about the Taiaha, a Maori weapon that provides spiritual guidance in difficult times…

Neve becomes enraged and assaults both Logan and Bella

Neve has moved in with Logan and Mackenzie at the Pier Apartment, but her PTSD symptoms are so severe that Logan is fully consumed with trying to help her. As the two go down the shore, Neve notices Bella taking photographs and believes they are of her. She lunges towards Bella, paranoid and enraged, and tries to take the camera from her. When Logan tries to help, Bella is stunned, but Logan turns around and strikes him as well…

Martha issues an ultimatum to Alf and departs for Merimbula

In the aftermath of Alf reporting Theo for the Polaris theft, the Stewart family is starting to fall apart at the seams. Roo swears he is protecting Ryder, but his hatred against Theo is driving Ryder insane. Alf refuses to accept responsibility for Ryder’s panic attacks, and when Justin arrives to try to reach Alf, he is thrown out! Observing the chaos, Martha grows increasingly irritated with her husband until she sets the ground rules: she is leaving for Merimbula until he resolves his problems with Justin and Theo.

Cash tries to impress Jasmine with a great romantic gesture, but it backfires

Jasmine tries to keep her birthday a secret, but Irene persists on mentioning it, much to Jasmine’s discomfort. When Felicity learns, she’s perplexed: why would Jasmine avoid a day where everything revolves around her? She is furious when she realises Cash is completely unaware that it is his girlfriend’s special day. He’ll have to throw a great party for her! Cash is convinced that Jasmine doesn’t want anything special, but Flick takes matters into his own hands when he starts planning a booze cruise. That evening, he takes Jasmine down to the Pier for a romantic candlelit supper, but she grows enraged and walks away…


Karen arrives at Dean and Ziggy’s house to seek refuge

Dean is frantically trying to contact his mother, but when her phone goes dead, he enlists the assistance of John and Mackenzie. While John is consoling Dean, Karen enters, enraged that her son is following her around. Karen dashes out to take a shady call after a brief reconciliation, unknowing that Dean is listening in. When Dean inquires about what’s going on, Karen confesses that she’s on the run from a man named Brett and offers to stay with Dean and Ziggy for a bit.

How will Karen respond when Dean informs her that she is not permitted to meet Jai?

When Dean and Ziggy learn Karen will be staying at the house, they fear – yet there are indications of Jai all over the place, and she has no idea her grandson exists! Dean convinces John to keep Karen at bay while they clean up the house, and they finish just as Karen arrives. Their efforts, however, are futile when Karen picks up a snapshot of Dean, Amber, and Jai off the floor. Dean has no choice but to face the truth: Jai is Karen’s grandchild, and Amber has made it clear that she will not be allowed to be in his life…

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