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Neighbours airs another date discrepancy following scheduling changes


Following scheduling revisions in Australia, Neighbours has broadcast another date difference.

Last month, an on-screen date displayed in the episode was several days ahead of the Channel 5 airing, indicating that the soap’s UK broadcasts were officially scheduled in the future.

This date issue surfaced again in Monday’s programme (March 21) in the United Kingdom.

Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) was visiting her brother Aaron (Matt Wilson) at Erinsborough Hospital when she received a text from her boss Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou).


Terese was requesting an urgent meeting at Lassiters with Chloe to discuss the latest news on the hotel’s plans to stage a fashion show for Montana Marcel.

A quick glance at Chloe’s phone revealed that today’s episode’s in-universe date was Thursday, April 7 — over three weeks in the future.

Today’s Channel 5 show will air on 10 Peach in Australia on this date.

Since the start of the year, Channel 5’s Neighbours broadcasts have pulled ahead of Australia, as 10 Peach has adhered to a four-episode weekly schedule.


The gap is rapidly expanding as UK viewers continue to receive five weekly instalments.

Following the sad announcement that Neighbours will be ending this year, the broadcast gap is causing controversy among Australian fans.

According to current plans, Channel 5 viewers will be able to see the final episode of Neighbours in early August, while Australian fans will have to wait until September.

In February, Channel 5 announced their decision to cancel Neighbours. Following a fruitless search for a new UK broadcast partner, production company Fremantle recently announced that the show will be cancelled.


A spokeswoman for Fremantle told Digital Spy: “We regret to inform you that after nearly 37 years and nearly 9000 episodes, Neighbours will be cancelled in the summer.

“We have no choice but to put the show on hold as a result of the loss of a significant broadcast partner in the UK, despite our efforts to find alternative funding.

“Since the news broke, everyone at Neighbours has been touched by the outpouring of love and support from the audience.

“The show has brought a sunny slice of Australia into the homes of millions of people all over the world, as well as launching the careers of dozens of household celebrities.

“However, as this chapter of Ramsay Street draws to a conclusion, we pledge to do everything in our power to give the programme the send-off it so richly deserves.”

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