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Twinning for the win! Every single time James Stewart and his twin brother Nick Stewart made us see double


He is best recognised for his appearances in iconic Australian TV series like Home And Away and Packed To The Rafters.

But many admirers might be shocked to hear that James Stewart is actually a bundle deal.

Yes, the 46-year-old has a twin brother named Nick Stewart who is also an identical twin.
They are great friends in addition to sharing a similar appearance.

Additionally, in a beautiful touch, James and Nick’s young daughters Scout, 9, and Grace, 9, get along like sisters and are inseparable as well.


Nick has previously remarked about the strong affinity between the adorable cousins, “They think they’re more twins than their dads.”

Given that Nick Stewart is a musician who also works in the entertainment industry, creativity obviously runs deep in the Stewart family.

He is well known for his bass guitar work with the Australian rock band George.

As you scroll down, you can see a list of James and Nick’s best twin moments.


James shared this “#twinning” throwback in 1998, revealing their desire to form Led Zeppelin. The brothers appeared to be prepared for a huge performance at Splendor in the Grass thanks to their long hair and guitars. The actor from Home and Away captioned the adorable photo, “We really wanted to sound like Led Zepplin! However, I’m still unsure about the top and skivvy.” His co-star Lynne McGranger wrote, “Omg Scout is so like you,” under the photo.

With the description “Cheeky monkeys I asked for a serious shot ,” James’ twin Nick shared this lovely photo of his daughters Scout and Grace on social media.

On Mother’s Day 2021, James and Nick were surrounded by their enormous family.

a double date to remember! With their partners, Mae and Sarah, the brothers welcomed the new year with a candlelit dinner. Happy new year, lovers, from us to you, Nick wrote beside this adorable photo.


Nick jokingly said of their kids, who looked like twins, “These two tiny women have it all over us bro!”

Seeing quadruple: James, his daughter Scout, and his twin brother Nick, who is also a father, pose with their young daughter Grace.

The stylish pair on James’ wedding day a year ago.

Best guy Prior to James’ marriage to Home And Away co-star Sarah Roberts, Nick gives his bowtie one last polish.

Throwback! James and Nick when they were little.

Talk about being fortunate by nature.


Can you identify the people? Beware of spoilers: that’s James on the right and Nick on the left. Don’t even ask them that! “God forbid! There are TWO of us, yes “Nick made a joke in front of this selfie.

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