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Transgender Neighbours star Georgie Stone, 22, set to share her story in a new short film after years of scrutiny


In a brand-new short film, transgender Neighbours star Georgie Stone tells her life story.

The 22-year-old from Melbourne said she wanted to tell her own narrative in her own way after years of scrutiny, describing it as a “coming-of-age” tale.

The Dream Life of Georgie Stone, a 28-minute documentary, has been screened at the Sydney Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

In September, it will make its Netflix premiere.


When Georgie, at 19 years old, debuted as the first transgender character in Neighbours, she made Australian television history.

On her latest documentary, which was made by Australian director Maya Newell, she served as one of the producers.

She informed Perth She is now making an effort to inform the public, portray trans individuals favourably, and dispel false perceptions about the transgender community.

Growing up, according to Georgie, she rarely saw transgender culture represented, and when she did, it usually featured stereotypical characters.


Trans women who grow up to work as sex workers or else go to jail were among the popular preconceptions.

As a young kid, she admitted, “I couldn’t see a future for myself that was outside of it and that was really frightening.”

Therefore, she continued, “it connects back to what we’re doing with the movie, that concept of the dream life, having a future you can be thrilled about and that they will have the ability to build for themselves.”

When she made her ABC debut on Australian Story at age 16, the actress first gained notoriety.


When a transgender girl started her transition to stop gaining masculine traits throughout puberty, she was only 11 years old.

Georgie claimed that if her voice had broken, she would have committed suicide, but she beat the biological clock by becoming the youngest Australian to have pubertal suppression. According to Georgie, the procedure saves lives.

Later, Georgie proposed the idea of including a trans character on the enduring drama Neighbours to the show’s producers. In 2019, the actress was cast in the role of student Mackenzie Hargraves.

Before making her Neighbours debut, Georgie told The Sun Herald that she planned to use her role to advocate for all trans people who lack a voice.

This weekend, The Dream Life of Georgie Stone will be screened at the Perth Revelation Film Festival.

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