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The last hurrah! Neighbours stars reunite as finale filming wraps


The final episode of Neighbours, which has been running for 37 years, will premiere on August 1st.

The long-running soap opera’s stars came together for one more celebration before the tragic farewell, marking nearly 40 years of the legendary series at a special event in Melbourne.

Old and new Ramsay Steet residents attended the star-studded event, including Olympia Valance, who played Paige Smith in the series from 2014 to 2018, and Ryan Moloney, who has played Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi since 1995.

Tim Robards, star of The Bachelor, who initially featured as a guest star in the role of Pierce Greyson before gaining a full-time role on the show, April Pengilly, daughter of INXS musician Kirk Pengilly, and others were also present. April Pengilly was wearing a vibrant pink dress for the event.


After Fremantle Media’s primary partner, the UK’s Channel Five, chose to end its partnership and stop sponsoring the programme, the shocking news that Neighbours was being cancelled earlier this year left fans in shock.

The show’s conclusion, which was recently filmed, will air on August 1st, 2022, after around 9000 episodes. The Neighbours team is going all out for the production, even bringing back Charlene and Scott Robinson’s classic characters played by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the Neighbours finale will actually include, though executive producer Jason Herbison has luckily confirmed he won’t be blowing up Ramsay Street in a blaze of glory.

According to Jason, “I would never, ever blow it up.” TV Blackbox. The conclusion will celebrate the past, present, and leave plenty of room for the future.


“Ramsay Street is immortal, and I like to imagine that long after the final scene, it will live on in the hearts and imaginations of the spectators.”

Olympia Valance

Jackie Woodburne and Ian Smith

Stefan Dennis


Ryan Moloney

Melissa Bell

Takaya Honda

Sally-Ann Upton

Gemma Bird-Matheson

Charlotte Chimes


Richard Huggett

Emerald Chan

Zima Anderson and Jemma Donovan

Candice Leask

Lloyd Will

Georgie Stone

Annie Jones


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