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Neighbours airs shock shooting cliffhanger as Gareth gatecrashes River Bend


A shocking cliffhanger for Levi Canning and mystery guy Gareth Bateman has aired on Neighbours.

As Gareth’s presence during the River Bend trip ignites peril for multiple characters, the Australian soap is airing a massive week of episodes.

Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts), Levi’s love interest, has been searching for her ex-boyfriend Gareth for weeks, alleging that he went into hiding after getting into difficulty with criminals and crooked cops.

Gareth has recently changed his storey, telling Ned Willis (Ben Hall) and Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) that Freya is stalking him and that he is hiding from her.


Levi (Richie Morris) replied to Freya’s disclosure that she has developed genuine affections for him in Thursday’s show on Channel 5.

Levi suggested that they remain friends, especially because Freya is still looking for Gareth (Jack Pearson).

During his conversation with Ned and Harlow, he didn’t initially discuss any of the claims presented by Gareth. Levi, on the other hand, resolves to be honest with Freya as she becomes irritated by Levi’s persistent distant behaviour.

When Levi told Freya that Gareth had labelled her a dangerous stalker, she was distraught. She stomped off in distress, looking genuinely perplexed by the charges.


Soon after, when Levi was alone by the river, Gareth appeared unexpectedly.

Levi attempted to explain why he and Freya had been looking for Gareth, but there was no time for small talk as Gareth brandished a revolver and threatened to shoot him.

Levi managed to disable Gareth for a brief while before fleeing, but Gareth reclaimed the gun, fired from afar, and shot him in the arm.

Is Levi going to be okay?


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