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Home And Away Romantic twist for Ziggy Astoni line up in the Aussie finale episode.

Who’s she going to choose?

In the Australian soap’s next season finale, Home and Away lines up a love plot for Ziggy Astoni.

Mechanic Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is scheduled to engage with new garage employee Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) when the episode airs this week, despite the fact that he used the institution to conceal all of his stolen goods.

“Dillman recently told, “Ziggy has always been a sucker for the underdog and she tries to see the best of people. I love that about her. Unfortunately, as far as the rules are concerned, that gets her into trouble.



“She loves Tane as a girl, so she wants to help, and she knows that he’s suffering. But she begins to grow feelings for him in that friendship.”

Later, local police begin to look into the missing objects, while Ziggy attempts to hide the reality from her and Justin (James Stewart), Tane’s recovery-from-surgery boss, who has been recruited into the investigation.

But before long, Tane admits to everything and while his conduct can seem well-intentioned it ends up putting Ziggy’s job at risk.


Justin chastises her for only trying to defend Tane because like what happened between her and her ex-boyfriend Dean (Patrick O’Connor), she’s interested in him. The pair, however get closer and end up with each other falling into bed.

“Ziggy seems to act first in this situation, second to remeber, and she’s too drunk,” Sophie said.

The next day when Dean approaches her on the beach and tells her that he’s really in love with her, things get complicated for Ziggy. What’s she going to say…?

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