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The best Neighbours’ weddings — ranked!


As old friends from Ramsay Street’s past and present reunite to celebrate Toadie Rebecchi and Melanie Pearson’s marriage, Neighbours is coming to a finish on a high note.

Toadie and Melanie’s wedding will be the 39th on-screen wedding in the soap’s 37-year history, yet the specifics of the big day are being kept a secret to surprise fans. That much confetti is a lot!

There have been some incredibly impressive weddings in Erinsborough, including covert elopements, shocking deaths, affair revelations, wedding crashers, and even a baby birth. Fortunately, there were one or two that went off without a hitch.

The top ten weddings that Neighbours has ever witnessed are listed below. Here they are, without further ado.


The top-ranked marriages between neighbours, ever!

10. Paul Robinson and Terese Willis

Terese and Paul’s marriage was never going to be a calm, formal event because they have had one of the most turbulent relationships in Ramsay Street history. The pair chose to elope because they had each experienced six failed marriages, but Paul afterwards changed his mind. The sudden appearance of his spiteful ex-wives Christina Alessi, Gail Robinson, Lyn Scully, and Rebecca Napier didn’t help matters either.

The ladies, it turned out, had been sent by Paul’s daughter Elle in an effort to test her father’s loyalty to Terese, but her plan backfired and love triumphed. Paul and Terese were married by a beautiful poolside in Queensland with an Elvis impersonator serving as their celebrant after overcoming the turmoil with the former Mrs Robinsons.

9. Harold Bishop and Madge Mitchell

Harold and Madge were childhood sweethearts until they parted ways and eventually got back together in 1987. No one could dispute the compatibility of this golden pair, who were complete contrasts in that Madge was a vibrant force of nature and Harold could be an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy. Lou Carpenter, Madge’s ex-boyfriend, showed up in Erinsborough after learning of the couple’s engagement to try to win her back, but it was fruitless because Harold had her heart.


All of Ramsay Street was present in the church, as was customary at the time, to witness Harold and Madge’s union as man and wife. Madge utterly rocked an off-the-shoulder satin dress. Back on the Street (where else?) was the location of the newlyweds’ reception, when their kind neighbours presented them with a honeymoon gift.

8. Drew Kirk and Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy used to be a feisty woman who claimed she would never get married, but everything changed when she met handsome mechanic Drew Kirk. A homage to the groom’s Scottish heritage, their conventional church wedding, which broadcast in spring 2001, had a Scottish flair. Contrary to typical soap opera custom, the ceremony went off without a hitch. Lib looked stunning in white, and Drew looked like a Disney prince in his plaid kilt and frilly blouse.

As Drew sang a Scottish song for the guests at the reception and Karl gave a wonderful Father of the Bride speech, there were both tears and laughter. Everyone then raised a toast to the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk. Sadly, their happily ever after was not meant to be; the following year, Drew died after falling from a horse, leaving Libby a widow and their young son Ben without a father. Sob.

7. David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan

By presenting the first homosexual wedding after the nation’s referendum to legalise same-sex unions, Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka’s, Neighbours made Australian TV history in 2018. David and Aaron’s big day was scandal-free, in contrast to previous soap opera weddings, and instead concentrated on the soul mates’ lifetime commitment to one another.


No one in the congregation could keep a dry eye as the boys in suits and boots delivered passionate vows to one another during a ceremony officiated by celebrant Jemima, who later revealed to be Karl Kennedy’s long-lost sister. In a brilliant move, Australian comedic actress Magda Szubanski, who had led the fight for marriage equality, was cast as the colourful character.

6. Brad Willis and Beth Brennan

When brickie Beth Brennan and surfer boy Brad Willis got married in 1993, it was second (and third) time lucky for them. The couple’s first wedding went horribly wrong when Beth discovered that Brad had been having an affair with her best friend and fellow bridesmaid, Lauren Carpenter. She immediately threw the cheating toe rag out.

Eventually, the couple got back together and were engaged once more, but on the day of their wedding, they made the decision to elope and say “I do” in a covert registry office ceremony. The newlyweds returned to 26 Ramsay Street after being located by their relatives, where they renewed vows in front of loved ones. After the formalities were finished, Mr. and Mrs. Willis left Erinsborough in search of a fresh start in Perth.

5. Marc Lambert and Steph Scully

Unlucky-in-love Marc Lambert, a slick-talking businessman, was the one that Steph Scully believed she had finally met. She was unaware that her fiancé was also in a relationship with Felicity, her younger sister. Prior to the wedding, the hidden lovers tried to end their relationship, but as Marc faltered through his vows and glanced at Flick, Steph was left at the altar.

As the sisters got into a very public catfight back on Ramsay Street, the drama continued, and Marc soon left Erinsborough by himself. It’s justice for him!

4. Mark Gottlieb and Annalise Hartman

When Mark, the head chef at Lassiter’s, fell in love with mega hottie Annalise Hartman, he became the envy of people all over the world. The couple fell in love instantly and decided to set a date to formally declare their relationship. Mark, however, was dealing with more than just last-minute anxiety as their big day approached since he had made up his mind to become a priest. Mark abruptly called off the wedding as Annalise was walking down the aisle and said he was leaving her to devote his life to the great man in the sky.


Embarrassed Annalise was understandably distraught, but she quickly discovered a means to move past Mark in the form of hot biker Sam Kratz. Mark’s vocation as a religious leader was short-lived, and he eventually left the area to pursue a job as a TV chef.

3. Karl Kennedy and Susan Kinski

During the first Neighbours season to be filmed in the UK, Susan and Karl’s second wedding took place on a boat in the middle of the Thames. The Kennedys, who had first been spliced in 1978, had divorced after Karl had two affairs with Susan, one with Sarah Beaumont and the other with Izzy Hoyland. The couple eventually found each other again, and Susan consented to Karl’s suggestion of being remarried in London.

A hugely pregnant Izzy interrupted the wedding and gave birth moments after the vicar (randomly portrayed by Men Behaving Badly actor Neil Morrissey) pronounced the pair husband and wife. The couple had exchanged vows on the water at twilight. Karl was compelled to carry out his medical obligations when he delivered Holly, Izzy’s daughter, only to learn afterwards that he was the child’s father. What a memorable day.

2. Toadie Rebecchi and Dee Bliss

The tragic union of Toadie Rebecchi and Dee Bliss must win the prize. Fans of Neighbours were thrilled when the roommates’ friendship evolved into love and eagerly anticipated their wedding, which was hailed as one of the best stories in the history of the soap opera. The intimate ceremony went off without a hitch, but tragedy struck when Toadie looked away from the road to embrace his bride, sending their wedding car crashing into the water.

Toadie managed to escape the sinking car, but Dee was assumed dead and pronounced drowned. just because she wasn’t. But that is a totally different tale. The death of Sonya Mitchell after a brief struggle with cancer brought an end to the lawyer’s second marriage to her. We’re crossing our fingers that Toadie’s third encounter with Melanie will be lucky.

1. Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell

The fantasy wedding of young sweethearts Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson, played by pop icons Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, was the only movie that ever ran for poll position. Long before social media, the genetically endowed couple’s love story won the hearts of people all over the world. The wedding of Scott and Charlene was first broadcast in Australia in July 1987. More than a year later, a 20 million-strong UK audience finally had the chance to view the event.

The power ballad Suddenly by Angry Anderson served as the background music for the couple’s church wedding and reception, which took place on Ramsay Street. Although Scott and Charlene’s romance didn’t endure, fans went wild when Kylie and Jason acknowledged they were dating in real life. Scott and Charlene just celebrated 35 years of marriage, however. Ahhh.

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