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Spoilers: Home and Away’s Roo accuses Marilyn of sabotage


Last week on Home and Away, the mysterious Heather (Sofia Nolan) was revealed to be Marilyn Chambers’ (Emily Symons) daughter and a fan-favourite couple stressed over baby news.

This week, Marilyn gets backed into a corner, a Summer Bay resident gets attacked and a fan-favourite couple has to make a decision.

Marilyn has felt uneasy about Heather since since her daughter moved to the Bay. She is anxious about people finding out after finally telling Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) her embarrassing adoption secret.

Marilyn feels as though her friends are turning against her after a terrible message is sent on her behalf to Jett Palmer, the adopted son of John Palmer (Shane Withington), who is played by Will McDonald.


Worse still, Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) gets a negative review of her teaching company. Roo accuses Marilyn of sabotage because Marilyn has been making a scene about Roo’s student Heather ever since she arrived in town.

“Unfortunately, due of Maz’s peculiar behaviour, she immediately assumes that she is attempting to sabotage Roo’s teaching business, which is perplexing. “Roo can’t come to any other conclusions because Maz can’t explain why she feels so untrustworthy, Georgie Parker says to Yahoo Lifestyle.

According to the actor, Heather has “survived by being manipulative,” therefore there isn’t anything suspicious going on in Roo’s eyes.

She’s actually simply doing her job and assisting Heather with her law school application. Because Heather appears to be reacting to the stress and pressure that people are putting her under, she has no reason to believe that anything more sinister is taking place, she claims.


In addition to being “very concerned” about her pal, Roo is reportedly “worried” about how it will affect her tutoring relationship with Heather, according to Georgie.

Remi suffers a blow

After Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) and Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) learn that they were passed over for a significant chance, the band Lyrik are not getting along this week.

Theo Poulos and Kirby Aramoana, played by Matt Evans and Angelina Thomson, were praised as “a pair” in a famous music journal, which infuriated Remi.


The situation is made worse when he is attacked outside the Surf Club and taken to the hospital.

Will Theo and Kirby regret betraying Remi after his health scare?

Ziggy spirals about her pregnancy

After finally telling Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) about her unexpected pregnancy last week, Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and the pair must now decide what to do.

Although Ziggy’s boyfriend claims he will accept her decision, recent advertisements show the mechanic complaining to Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

I feel pressure from Dean! She cries out in a panic, “He needs an answer. She realises the pressure is coming from herself after speaking with Mack.


She finally tells Dean that they’re going to have a kid after mentally preparing herself for the challenging discussion. Only time will tell if Ziggy will carry to term as the couple rejoices in their happy news.

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