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Sibling arrest, kidnapping and shock outbursts: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Bella (Courtney Miller) is forced to think about going to New York without Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) for the next three months because her lover can’t travel with her.

Will Bella have the fortitude to pursue her passion in the US while Nikau stays in the Bay to concentrate on his, despite the advice of Emmett (JR Reyne), Dean (Patrick O’Connor), and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to not allow this once-in-a-lifetime professional chance pass her by?

After receiving additional information about the automobile crash from Xander (Luke Van Os), Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) are left with a lot on their plates. When Rose is in the interview room with Millie (Zara Zoe), she can’t help but allow her personal beliefs get in the way of being professional. She is removed from the case by Cash.

Plus, Dean shows up with an intriguing development just as the police are looking for him to arrest him.


Here are the Home and Away upcoming events for the week starting on Monday, July 11.

After Rose assaults Millie during a police interrogation, Cash steps in to stop it

Finally, Xander found the confidence to speak out about Millie and the incident. Millie read a text while driving, knowing that Logan’s charges would be dropped, shocking Cash and Rose. However, since it’s Xander’s word against Millie’s, it might be challenging to back up his claim. Immediately after being hauled in for questioning, Millie complains that Xander has been harassing her. In an effort to defend her brother, Rose claims Millie blackmailed Xander in order to rescue herself. Cash, who is shocked by Rose’s behaviour, kicks her out of the interview room and finishes talking to Millie before confronting his coworker.

Will Nikau and Bella part ways when she heads to America?

Bella returns from the city with her passport and is giddy with anticipation. She starts to sell Nikau on all the exciting things they can do together in New York, but Nikau interrupts her. Her dream is the US, not his. She must pursue her goal on the other side of the globe, while he must continue his work in the Bay. Bella is devastated and worries that they won’t make it. She knows that leaving is the proper thing to do, but as she packs, Nikau ponders in silence if she’ll ever return.

Nathan is kept captive by Dean during a River Boy interrogation

After the police find a blood-stained wrench in Ziggy’s car, Dean realises that Nathan has been using him as a scapegoat for PK’s murder. Dean urges the River Boys to intervene and find Nathan when he goes missing in an ominous manner. While at Bella’s farewell party in Salt with Ziggy, River Boy Nugget is destroying his phone. Ziggy is worried as he goes outdoors to find out what has happened to Nathan. He goes to an abandoned shack the following day after leaving a message instructing Ziggy not to be concerned. Inside are Nathan and Nugget, who are both bound to a chair. It’s time to start talking, Dean informs him.


Cash learns that Salt’s illegal poker nights were orchestrated by his sister

Cash has an arrest warrant out for Dean, so he is shocked when Dean shows up at the station shortly after he gets back to the station with Nathan in tow. Nathan acknowledges that he killed PK and that he attempted to frame Dean for the killing. While discussing his reasons for killing PK in the interview room, Nathan accidentally admits that he was attempting to shield Mackenzie from PK’s abuse. Nathan is compelled to inform the police about the illegal poker sessions when Cash inquires about how Mackenzie knew PK. Cash wonders who organised them, and is shocked when Nathan reveals that Felicity, his sister, was in charge.

Chloe catches Justin in the shower naked and Justin loses it

Chloe and Theo are taking up all of the room in the house, and Justin and Leah are growing increasingly irritated with them. They discuss how to politely inform them that they feel like they are invading their own space. However, Chloe shows in with groceries and announces that she wants to serve everyone supper as a thank you just as they are about to start the conversation. When Chloe sees Justin in the shower naked, he believes they must tell the couple the truth right away. They start to question if there would ever be a good time to say something.

Will Mackenzie allow Felicity to be blamed for her mistakes?

At home, Felicity and Tane are having a romantic moment when Cash knocks on the door. Felicity first believes Cash’s claim that she is in custody because he is kidding before he brings up the poker nights. Tane is helpless as Felicity is terrifiedly led away in handcuffs. Mackenzie is relieved to learn Nathan admitted to killing PK in Salt, but Tane soon shows up and informs her that Felicity has been taken into custody. He begs her to be honest with the police, but all we see is Mackenzie loading up her car with bags. Will she leave the Bay and let Felicity bear the blame?

In a very unprofessional outburst, Logan insults Alf

After learning Mackenzie was lying about the illicit poker nights and having to treat Tane’s stab wound in the middle of Salt, Logan has been having trouble. Due to the horrible news and the additional charge of dangerous driving that resulted in death, he turned to alcohol and attempted to approach Mackenzie while very intoxicated. The following day, he apologises to her, but he still resides at the hospital because he has nowhere else to go. Logan yells at Alf because they aren’t providing a babysitting service and some patients actually need the beds when Roo begs to be temporarily admitted to the hospital because she is having separation anxiety from her mother.


After he tells Chloe a lie about her, Justin and Leah are on the outs

Justin informs Leah that it’s time to break the news to the young couple that they can’t spend all of their time at the house after being discovered by Chloe while naked in the shower. The four of them have lunch at Salt, and Leah starts to discuss the subject. Leah doesn’t want Chloe hanging out at the house all the time, but Justin jumps the gun and says it anyway.

While a furious Theo demands to know why they had to be so harsh, Chloe is horrified and flees in tears. Leah is also upset with Justin for accusing her in such a flagrant lie. What does it say for the couple’s relationship that their dispute goes on much longer than normal and neither of them wants to apologise?

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