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Proposal shock, Glen’s accident and Freya fights to save Harlow: 6 big Neighbours spoilers


This week on Neighbours, Hendrix (Ben Turland) continues his health battle, Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Freya (Phoebe Roberts) are at the mercy of the deranged Corey (Laurence Boxhall), and Glen (Richard Huggett) has no choice but to wait for death when he has a terrible accident when no one is around.

Is a Neighbour on his way out?

Hendrix is battling hard, but he’s realised how short life is during his illness. He takes action, making a massive and life-changing gesture to Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), shortly before receiving even more devastating health news.

Corey has practically kidnapped Harlow, and Freya takes it upon herself to rescue her buddy. Corey dislikes being tested, so when Freya puts herself in danger, Corey can’t help but embrace the opportunity to remove her from the equation.


When things go tragically wrong, Glen is trying to make amends with Leo (Tim Kano). Will Leo discover Glen’s death?

Here’s what to expect next in Neighbours.

Nicolette uses Tinder to find love

It’s awful to see someone you admire having an affair with someone else, and Nicolette is in that situation. She notices how close Chloe and Kiri are becoming and realises that the battle is lost – Kiri isn’t interested in her and it’s time to move on. She tells her mother Jane that she’s ready to discover what fish are in the sea, and Jane is excited — she’s already signed her up for dating apps. Will Nic be able to find her online?

Kiri is fighting the sensation

While Nic reluctantly moves on, Kiri tries to suppress her emotions. With everything going on with Glen, she turns to Chloe for support and begs her to stay the night. Chloe is a wise cookie who isn’t going to take advantage of a weak lady, so she makes it clear that they can’t be together. Kiri agrees, but she secretly wishes to push things forward. Will the couple be able to keep their cool?


Terese is dealing with the mother of all issues

Terese’s mother, Estelle, visits town, which isn’t exactly a happy occasion for her considering their strained relationship. Estelle promises her that she is there to help, but when Terese phones Nick, she discovers that Estelle is homeless.

Terese is torn between helping her mother and feeling misled. Will they be able to repair their friendship, or does Estelle have something more up her sleeve?

In the quest to preserve Harlow, Freya is in danger

Corey has Harlow hidden away in a secluded cabin so that he may spend as much time with her as he wants. Regrettably, he hasn’t counted on Freya spotting Harlow’s cardigan in Christabel’s car. Alarm bells sound, and Freya begins her investigation, which brings her to the cottage. When she sees Harlow in her drug-addled state, she is distraught and instantly devises a strategy to get her friend out of there. Before she can get too far, Corey smacks her from behind, knocking her out. Corey whisks Harlow away to another quiet place while Freya is out cold with a probable head injury. Freya, on the other hand, isn’t easily defeated. When David and Levi arrive, they discover her and the three of them go out in hot pursuit of Harlow and maniac Corey. Will they be able to reach her in time?

Hendrix receives the transplant that he requested

Living in a life-or-death situation has prompted Hendrix to reconsider his priorities, and he now realises that his top priority is to spend as much time as possible with Mackenzie. He proposes, and she is ecstatic – she had not expected it, but it is the best thing he could have done. The family in Sydney is overjoyed for them, and the same is true when they return to Ramsay Street. The couple decides to throw a great party to celebrate, but just as everyone gathers to wish them well, Hendrix receives some shocking news: has he located a donor?


Glen is killed in a car accident?

Glen holds himself responsible for Leo’s discomfort at the vineyard and does everything he can to make things right. However, in his quest to restore balance, he takes on too much. He had a bad mishap as a result of a lapse in concentration. He’s gravely hurt and alone, and he’s quickly fading.

Thankfully, he was discovered in time and sent to the hospital, but after waiting so long for care, he may be permanently damaged. He’s been offered narcotic pain medication, but he refuses out of fear of his addiction resurfacing. However, the discomfort becomes excruciating, and he is in serious distress. Will he give in and fall off the waggon as a result?

Scenes premiere on Channel 5 on Monday, May 23.

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