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Neighbours veterans Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher share their heartbreak over the soap’s axing and promise a memorable finale


They play two of the most popular characters on Ramsay Street.

And Susan Kennedy’s co-stars Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher, who play Susan and Dr. Karl Kennedy, respectively, have expressed their disappointment with Neighbours’ abrupt cancellation after 37 years on the air.

Jackie, 66, told TV Week that the long-running Australian soap had been a fantastic training ground for cast and crew for nearly four decades and that it would be dearly missed.

‘I’m going to miss this location a lot,’ she added.


‘It’s terribly unfortunate for the hundreds of individuals who will lose their employment,’ Alan, 64, remarked.

‘But I’m also heartbroken for the millions of fans who continue to watch the show throughout the world and are heartbroken at the loss of their favourite show.’

The show’s production will end in June, and Jackie hopes that viewers will be treated to a ‘upbeat and joyous’ finish.

‘I can’t begin to think what kind of storey will wrap off 38 years of television history,’ she said, ‘but I hope it displays our amazing cast and staff while satisfying viewers.’


In 1994, the Kennedys moved to Ramsey Street. Susan taught at the local school and Dr. Karl became the GP.

Susan’s battle with multiple sclerosis was one of many memorable storylines that the pair delivered to Neighbours viewers.

Dr Karl’s obsession with young Izzy Hoyland, played by Natalie Bassingthwaighte, was Jackie and Alan’s favourite.

‘Karl wanted Izzy, but she didn’t want Karl,’ Alan recounted, ‘until she found out she was pregnant by a dead guy.’


‘So Izzy feigned to love Karl and was in love with Karl by the time he uncovered her deception and dumped her!’

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