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Neighbours theory: Aaron Brennan affair twist as David Tanaka goes to prison


In recent episodes of Neighbours, Aaron (played by Matt Wilson) and spouse David (Takaya Honda) have been attempting to raise their daughter Isla despite David being the subject of a police inquiry for allowing antagonist Gareth Bateman (Jack Pearson) to die. In recent scenes on the Channel 5 soap, the two fathers and their child went on vacation together as the family attempted to maintain as much normalcy as possible. However, their decision to leave Ramsay Street has some serious repercussions, and it appears that the cherished couple’s life may never be the same again.

David unintentionally skipped a bail check-in, which caused the courts to determine that he be kept in remand at a maximum-security jail, thus the drama continues in next week’s episodes.

The medical expert will stay here until he is sentenced in the coming weeks since the courts believe he poses a flight risk.

The father of one is uncertain about how he will get through his predicament because he has never been in it before.


When a fellow prisoner threatens David’s safety while he is incarcerated, David’s concerns are validated.

The doctor’s family members back on Ramsay Street are worried for him since they realise his future doesn’t look too promising.

Aaron could find solace in the embraces of newcomer Byron Stone when the thought of losing his husband became too unbearable (Joe Klocek).

The heartthrob, who makes his debut this week and gives Aaron a pleasant surprise, is the son of Jane Harris (Annie Jones).


Byron’s secret can bring the two closer even though it initially appears that there is no romance between them.

The handsome newcomer will begin working at Rebecchi Law after moving to Ramsay Street, and his mother is happy to see that he is adjusting well.

She is unaware that her son has a second source of money from a profession he prefers to keep under wraps.

When Byron uses an alibi to leave a meeting at Toadie Rebecchi’s legal office, suspicion is aroused (Ryan Maloney).


He tells that he would meet a mystery customer while concealing the fact that he is a gigolo. He is armed with some documentation.

He believes he can balance both jobs, but he struggles greatly to stay on top of his extracurricular activities.

This suggests that it won’t be long until someone realises he is a prostitute, with Aaron maybe being the first to learn the truth.

He could get in touch with a gigolo service if he needed some companionship because David seems to be keeping him in prison.

Byron might end up accepting his offer, and both characters would be startled to learn they will engage in sexual activity.

Despite the fact that they are acquainted, this may not deter them since for Byron it would be just another job and for Aaron it would be a diversion from what is going on.


The characters may, however, wind up getting much closer and find it difficult to keep their hands off one another as this occurs more frequently.

As things go, Byron can claim he no longer gives a damn about the money since he has fallen in love with his client.

Aaron might share this sentiment, but how will this affect their relationship and might this spell the end for the cherished couple?

David’s actor, Takaya, alluded to a potential love interest narrative earlier this year when discussing the future of his character.

“I don’t think anyone would foretell what is coming,” the soap opera star added.

He told Inside Soap in an interview that “the audience, like David, are going to be tremendously troubled by what unfolds.”

In order to portray the couple’s relationship, Takaya also talked about what it’s like to collaborate with Matt, his co-star and the actor who plays Aaron.

He declared, “Matty and I work very hard to build a relationship as strong as Daaron’s is, and we are extremely grateful that the pair has been allowed to handle issues together.”

The serial actor stated, “David and Aaron don’t always agree, but their love for one other is never in doubt.

Will Byron’s arrival ruin the couple? He said, “I think that is a really great thing to be putting out into the world.”

Over the years, the newcomer has been brought up numerous times, with Jane having a soft spot in her heart for her son.

Will she approve of this romance with Aaron and how will she react if she finds out her son has been working as a gigolo?

Channel 5 broadcasts Neighbours weekdays at 1:45 and 6 o’clock.

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