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Neighbours’ Terese Willis to make new discovery in Paul divorce storyline


The ugly divorce between Paul and Terese in Neighbours intensifies next week, but it appears that they may be able to reconcile by the end of the week.

The mysterious Sapiko & Bazz Holdings is the source of the difficulties. This is the company into which Paul has put a lot of his money, and Terese has suspicions that things may not be as they appear.

When she learns that the company has gone bankrupt the following week, she realises that the whole affair was a deception by Paul to keep her from putting her hands on his money.

Toadie and Byron’s investigation uncovers the truth, but she still lacks the proof she requires to bring her ex-husband to justice.


Paul, who is preoccupied with David’s imprisonment, is not in the mood to hear Terese’s charges, so he tries to mislead her.

However, Leo has had enough of watching how his father treats people and has called him out on it, causing Paul to reconsider his conduct.

Paul realises that it’s past time for him to prioritise his family, so he approaches Terese with an offer: a good sum of money if she lets him buy her out of the hotel.

Terese believes that the opportunity is too tempting to pass up and that taking it is the best way to give herself the fresh start she requires after some soul searching with Glen and Chloe.


With the arrangement in place, Paul and Terese can finally begin to put their marriage behind them and focus on their future, but with only a few weeks left of Neighbours, it appears that any hope of reconciliation has passed them by…

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