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Neighbours teases special London storyline in 20 new spoiler pictures


Your complete collection of photos showcasing what’s coming next on the show starting Monday, March 28.

Monday, March 28:

Harlow arrives at the capital of the United Kingdom. Following her recent romance with Ned, she has taken a vacation.

Harlow is preoccupied with a number of issues. She, on the other hand, is hoping to put the Ned saga behind her.

Harlow is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen For a while, she wants to forget about life on Ramsay Street.


Amanda Holden makes an appearance as a guest star. Harlow’s aunt Harriet is played by the Britain’s Got Talent judge.

Harlow and Harriet make up for lost time. They have a good time together in the capital.

Harlow and Harriet’s day is about to take a turn for the worst. Harriet discovers Prue’s diary is missing, and Harlow is horrified.

Tuesday, March 29:

Harlow is perplexed by Harriet’s behaviour. Harlow’s aunt appears rattled and flees the next time Harlow sees her.


Harlow manages to catch Harriet off guard. Prue’s diary is found in Harriet’s luggage, indicating that it was not lost after all.

Harlow is looking for an explanation. Harriet believes that she has good cause to keep the diary hidden.

Harriet stands up for herself. Because the diary is full of facts about Prue’s membership in the mysterious Restoration Order, she argues that she was attempting to safeguard Harlow’s sentiments.

Wednesday, March 30:

Harlow has found herself a new love interest. During her vacation, she gets to know Corey.


Corey and Harlow have a certain chemistry. Is Harlow, on the other hand, truly over Ned?

Harlow receives some advice from Corey. He proposes that Harlow find closure by destroying Prue’s diary.

Corey is eager to demonstrate how much he admires Harlow. Harlow, on the other hand, declines him since Ned is playing in the back of her thoughts.

Thursday, March 31:

Shannon is involved in a worrying situation. She takes a step out onto the street.

Shannon is approached by an automobile. She’s scared to death.

Shannon’s life is in jeopardy. Curtis and Aubrey are taken aback.


Curtis comes to the rescue. Shannon is grabbed by him.

Curtis is able to get Shannon to safety. Aubrey exhales a sigh of relief.

Shannon is causing Curtis concern. Shannon has a hearing problem, and Curtis says she might consider getting a hearing aid.

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