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Neighbours stars delight fans with off-screen reunion after show axe


The cast members of Neighbours Takaya Honda, Matt Wilson, and Ben Hall got together for a fun reunion.

A month after the long-running soap opera came to an end, the trio—who played married couple David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan and Ned Willis, respectively—appeared in a selfie together on Instagram this week.

Takaya captioned the photo, “@mattywilson required two knuckleheads to show him how to erect a fence. “@benhall23 and I were accessible, but the knuckleheads weren’t.”


Fans shared their joy at the trio’s reunion, with one commenter writing: “Miss seeing you guys on our televisions.”

Another person said, “How awesome that you guys are all friends in real life. I enjoy witnessing the renovations in progress.

One more person succinctly put it this way: “That’s when excellent neighbours become good friends.”

It occurs shortly after co-star Alan Fletcher and co-stars Jackie Woodburne (Susan) and Kym Valentine participated in a real-life Kennedy family reunion (Libby).


“How nice to have lunch with the TV family!” The Instagram caption was written by Alan.

With the serial opera drawing to a conclusion, Takaya reflected on wrapping up David and Aaron’s tale on screen in a July interview with Digital Spy.

They wanted David and Aaron to have a happy ending because the show was coming to an end, and I agreed with that, he added.

“Although it was cut short and I’m not entirely sure what they had in mind had it continued, I don’t believe the audience will feel cheated out of a satisfying ending to the story. Within the confines of the available on-screen time, there was still plenty of room to thoroughly and entertainingly tell the tale. It was nevertheless a thrilling rollercoaster ride.”

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