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Neighbours star Tim Kano reveals future of Leo and Montana storyline


Tim Kano, star of Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about Leo Tanaka’s new plot with Montana Marcel.

Leo’s attempts to impress Montana on Friday’s show resulted in a shocking outcome, as she proposed an indecent proposal to him.

Terese Willis had enlisted Leo’s help in winning over Montana as part of the hotel’s ongoing bid to host her fashion week.

When Leo paid her a visit, Montana seemed pleased, but she made it clear that she’d only give Lassiters the contract if he consented to accompany her upstairs.


“Leo’s connection with Montana is incredibly complicated and layered,” Tim told Digital Spy about the narrative. Leo is first enthralled by her, and he believes he has finally found his match.

“When she does lay her offer on the table with the indecent proposal, it’s an engaging plotline.” She intrigues, scares, frightens, and excites him. “All the titillating things you’d desire when you see someone you could see as your crime accomplice.”

In the upcoming episodes, Leo defies his loved ones’ fears by secretly pursuing Montana.

Following the terrible loss of his on-again, off-again partner Britney Barnes in January, it appears that Leo sees this as an opportunity to move on.


“Leo has been in grief for so long following Britney’s death and caring for Abigail that this comes as a welcome distraction for him,” Tim stated.

“It begins off as a casual fling, but he’s drawn to Montana because of her power, business acumen, and, of course, her beauty.” It is undeniably changing.”

When asked if Leo would regret being engaged with Montana, Tim said, “Yes, absolutely.” Especially after the anguish he’s feeling over Britney’s death and his desire to give up and then reclaim Abigail.

“His daughter comes first, so when Montana starts to push those limits and take command, those are red signals for Leo, and he tries to back off.”


“In the next weeks, Leo will have to investigate this relationship with Montana, and the lines will be established as to whether this is a business or pleasure relationship, and whether there is something true behind the chemistry.

“Leo is full of hope and is enthralled by this new character. He’s sincerely hoping for the best, and it’s partially a form of escapism from his current predicament. For Leo, it’ll be a fascinating adventure.”

Tammin Sursok, a former star of Home and Away and Pretty Little Liars, has been cast as Montana in this storey.

“She was amazing to work with and such a powerful actor,” Tim said of his new on-screen colleague. She was a breath of fresh air for Leo, who had been through a lot lately, and it was good to have a strong, compelling actor to work against.

“Montana’s character is eerily similar to Leo’s in many aspects. When I heard out Tammin was engaged, I was overjoyed. We had a great time with it, and she’s a delight to deal with. She’s also a natural comedienne.”

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