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Neighbours spoilers: Leo trapped in s*x deal


After promising to aid Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) in her time of need, Leo (Tim Kano) finds himself in a tricky predicament. In Neighbours, Leo is caught up in a sex bargain with Montana Marcel (Tammin Sursok) and has no easy way out.

Terese brought him on board to assist schmooze Montana over the Fashion Week tender, and considering Leo’s track record, it’s working out too well. She makes an indecent proposal as he comes closer to her. He’s taken aback when he realises what he’s gotten himself into and tells her he needs some time to reflect, telling Glen (Richard Huggett) that he’s taken on more than he can handle. But, in the end, he concludes that this is a win-win situation. While Leo returns to Montana to share his thoughts, Glen rushes over to Terese and Chloe to drop the beans. They are understandably terrified and try to persuade him not to go, but it is too late.

Despite their doubts at initially, when Chloe and Terese are stonewalled by Montana, who refuses to listen to any of their suggestions, they bypass her and go right to Leo. His new friendship with her will be beneficial. Terese isn’t crazy about the concept, but she knows she has to try something, so she approaches Leo for help. She has no idea that Leo is already having a dirty affair with Montana.

And who should be returning to town at that time? Paul is a man of many talents (Stefan Dennis). Terese is afraid he’ll be up to no good during Fashion Week, but he rapidly tries to persuade her otherwise. When he organises a meal with Montana, she and Leo are sceptical, and Leo is concerned that he would ruin the good thing he’s built, but Paul demonstrates himself to be hands-off. But Leo has a new problem: he’s noticed that Montana appears to have complete control over their little affair, which he despises.


It’s a tremendous warning sign for him, and he should duck and run. When he tries to back out of a date with her, though, she refuses. She’s a lot more commanding than he expected. Leo now feels stuck and is concerned about what he’s gotten himself into. He must be let free. Montana, on the other hand, has complete control and isn’t done with Leo yet. How is Leo going to get out of this?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, March 28.

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