Sunday, October 1, 2023

Neighbours star Ryan Moloney Told that May be a bit more romance drama for Toadie Rebecchi is coming!!


‘Happily ever after’ will be the perfect result, but this is Neighbours…

As Toadie Rebecchi’s secret affair with Melanie Pearson continues to heat up, Neighbours star Ryan Moloney has hinted at more drama for him.

Toadie and Melanie are now stealing moments of passion together whenever they can, after previously sharing a date that didn’t go anywhere – and later claiming they were better off remaining colleagues –

However, with Mackenzie Hargreaves becoming suspicious of Toadie’s work conduct, it appears that the couple’s secret is about to be revealed.


Actor Ryan Moloney hinted that things won’t necessarily end well in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy about his character’s very complicated love life. Soap is like that, eh?

Toadie’s new relationship is enjoyable for him, he said. The man has been through a lot, and now he has some light relief in the form of someone who just loves him for who he is.

However, there is a risk that things could end in tragedy. Ryan clarified that he’s having too much fun to be concerned about what could or might not happen.

They are adults who are not engaging in any criminal activity. Toadie is concerned about his children being hurt or confused as a result of another woman entering their father’s life. They simply want to savour the present.


Ryan remained sceptical when asked if he’d like to see Toadie with a long-term girlfriend. He added that the perfect result will be ‘happily ever after,’ but it’s Neighbours.

We expect them to find some speed bumps along the way.

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