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Detailed overview of the latest promo of First look at new Home and Away character

We get our first look at new character Rachel Young in a new Home and Away promo that aired after Thursday’s triple bill in Australia. Rachel Young is expected to sabotage Christian and Tori’s wedding plans.

Christian Green (Ditch Davey) was further distracted in Thursday’s bumper 3 episodes as his wedding day approaches.

After his near-death encounter at the hands of Lewis Hayes in recent Australian episodes, he has embraced a new lust for life (Luke Arnold). Tori has become increasingly concerned about her fiancé skinny dipping, escaping for solo drives, and otherwise being completely distracted when they should be finalising their wedding plans.

We saw the doctor speed through the country roads in his Audi at the end of Thursday’s episode. As he drove, he saw a bright sign for ‘Blue Bird Skydiving,’ which caused him to come to a halt, spin around, and detour into Royal Gatsfield Airfield.

It’s likely yet another adventure on the newly transformed neurosurgeon’s bucket list, but it’s one that will have a significant effect on his wedding plans.

We get our first look at Marnie Kennedy as Rachel Jody Pachniuk in the trailer.

Christian and Tori are planning a trip to Victoria early next week to celebrate their wedding with friends and relatives at Brody’s restaurant.

We’ll see Christian tell his fiancée, “I can’t leave now,” leaving her worried that their wedding won’t go as expected, as we saw in a recent promo that suggested that Christian was about to break Tori’s heart.

We predicted that he wouldn’t have a full change of heart about their wedding, and now we have a reason for his out of character conduct.

Tori becomes concerned when she receives a call from the suit rental company in the upcoming episodes.

Christian was supposed to leave that morning to pick up his suit – the last item on their to-do list before their wedding – but as the promo reveals, she’s perplexed when she says, “That was the suit hire spot, Christian hasn’t arrived.”

Instead, he’s at a skydiving centre, getting one last dose of adrenaline before tying the knot. On his way in, he runs into a blonde who is just exiting the building and getting ready for her own skydive.

This is our first look at Rachel Young, a brand new character played by Marnie Kennedy, who is 27 years old.

Rachel’s arrival was previously mentioned, and we assumed she was caught up in the imminent explosion that would kill Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) and Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) Mexican food truck. However, it seems that we were mistaken.

Fans have been speculating that Rachel will be in a skydiving crash, and the latest promo confirms their suspicions.

We hear Christian ask to book a tandem jump as he walks into the skydiving centre.

However, an urgent call comes through on the center’s radio before he can complete his skydive. One of the base jumpers crashed in the drop zone delta. Over if there isn’t any movement.

In the most recent tandem jump, there was a tragic accident involving a poor landing. It’s Rachel calling. With the neurosurgeon on site, he and the rest of the centre workers rush to her side, where they discover her in critical condition.

As she lies motionless on the floor, her tandem teacher says, She hit the ground hard, guy.

Christian and Jasmine (Sam Frost) can’t believe what they see on her x-ray when they take her to Northern Districts for an evaluation.

According to Christian, this girl’s head is isolated from her spine.

Jasmine, shocked, exclaims, It’s a wonder she’s still alive.

Christian forms an instant bond with his patient, who might have been in much worse shape if he hadn’t arrived at the right time.

Is it true that I’m going to die? Rachel approaches him with a query.

Christian comforts her by taking her hand in his and telling her, “I told you I’d look after you, and I will.”

Tori can only stare at her fiancé and his new patient, unsure what Rachel’s hospitalisation means for her wedding plans.

The couple mention their forthcoming nuptials in the emergency department corridor in yesterday’s promo, which we wrote about here. Christian starts, I know we’re supposed to be on the way, until Tori interrupts him with, Yeah, to get married!

But I’m scared now I’m not going to be able to go!

What are you talking about?! When he walks away, she looks distraught.

She understands that Christian must be present for her patient, but she longs for her husband to accompany her to Victoria for their wedding.

She’ll be going through a lot of emotions as her wedding is postponed. Will Christian leave Rachel’s case in the hands of another surgeon and go off to marry?

The doctor-patient relationship is expected to deepen in the coming weeks. Marnie’s arrival on Home and Away was first revealed in January, when she was spotted filming with Ditch Davey in Palm Beach, the real-life Summer Bay.

Marnie was wearing a halo brace around her neck and holding Ditch’s arm for protection in paparazzi pictures of the couple walking along the beach. We originally assumed her serious neck injuries were caused by the food truck explosion, but we now have a conclusive response.

In an interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph Marnie recently revealed a big indication of how her character was in the bay. She explained Rachel’s unique arrival at Home and Away. It is more like a storm landing, not your usual Summer Bay entry.

We should’ve figured it out!

We’ll have to wait and see what Rachel’s arrival means for Tori and Christian.

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