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Neighbours star Richard Huggett reveals Glen bombshell affair!


Richard Huggett, who plays Glen Donnelly on Neighbours, has spilled the beans on a HUGE week for him that will leave Ramsay Street reeling.

He’s been desperate to keep the shocking news that he’s Kiri Durant’s biological father hidden (Gemma Bird Matheson). Barbara had her daughter after a brief and clandestine romance with her mother (Wendy Mocke).

“Glen wanted to keep in touch with Kiri as she grew up,” Richard, a fan of Neighbours, explained.

“However, he promised her mother that he would never do something like that since lives would be ruined.”


Things are about to come to a head, with a suspicious Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) rivalling her late grandmother Mrs Mangel for meddling…

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and PI John Wong (Harry Tseng) are the only ones who know the truth so far. Nicolette, on the other hand, is concerned by Glen’s great interest in Kiri.

“Nicolette has Glen’s number because she feels he’s being creepy with Kiri,” Richard added.

“She and April Pengelly’s character, Chloe Brennan, believe he is in love with her.”


“Nicolette goes to Glen’s ex-new wife’s address and knocks on her door.”

Nic assembles the puzzle pieces and hands them on to Paul, who then pushes John Wong to tell him everything!

Paul coldly reveals the news to a surprised Kiri, as he plots to get his brother out of the picture.

“It’s a fantastic setting, right in the centre of the vineyard.” Richard stated, “It’s quite traumatic for Kiri, and there’s a lot of drama.”


“She doesn’t want anything to do with Glen anymore, but Kiri’s mother, Barbara, arrives to town to check out what’s going on.” Glen is in a tangle!”

Rather than keeping Glen away from Paul’s ex Terese, it appears that Paul’s jealous attempt to keep her from moving on with Glen is likely to bring them closer together. A LOT CLOSER…

“Paul thinks Glen and Terese are having an affair because he sees them wandering around and conversing and being affectionate,” Richard explained.

“Even when Glen tells him nothing is happening, he thinks they’re together in his head.” When Glen made it plain that it was either a relationship with Terese or with him, he made a pledge to Paul not to go there.”

Glen is pulled into a soothing Terese’s arms after Paul’s betrayal, and a surprised Paul finds them in bed together!

Although it’s evident that Glen and Terese have a genuine connection, Richard refused to say whether this meant they’re going to be an actual pair.


“They both say, ‘Let’s not worry about this and see where it goes,’ because of their relationship and because now Paul’s done what he’s done,” Richard teased.

“I expect the love triangle to continue for a while, but I have no idea where the storylines are headed!”

“I like to read the scripts as soon as they arrive, which is about two weeks before the sequences are shot.

“I enjoy being startled and exclaiming, ‘Wow, this is incredible!'”

Unfortunately, Neighbours has only a few months left before the 37-year-old soap comes to an end. Will it, however, provide Glen enough time to reconnect with his daughter?

Richard remarked, “I would have assumed they would.”

“There could be a twist that prevents that, but I would have assumed they would form some sort of bond in the remaining weeks.”

“In Neighbours, the storylines move at a breakneck pace. Nothing happens for a minute and then you’re with someone, you’ve had an affair, you’ve moved on, and it’s all over!”

Richard wouldn’t say much about the months ahead, but he did vow that they will be memorable.

“Towards the end and the final episodes, it’ll be extremely joyful, and then there’ll be all these individuals returning.”

“Apart from Ian Smith as Harold, I have no idea who it is.” They’re keeping a close eye on everything!”

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