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Neighbours spoilers: Toadie and Mel break up over Zara?


Although Zara (Freya Van Dyke) just has her mother’s best interests in heart, people around her suffer as a result. More precisely, Mel (Lucinda Cowden) might be the victim of Zara’s meddling, and her happy existence might come to an end.

Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) is taking advantage of the delight that internet dating offers but is only able to go on a string of unsuccessful dates. She’s learned what the majority of single people in today’s society have realised: being single isn’t much fun, especially when you add in gaslighting, manipulation, and, of course, being ghosted.

She confides in Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), who offers her a suggestion based on a friend’s experience, that it isn’t going well. The thought causes Amy to consider her goals. When she informs Zara that Toadie (Ryan Moloney) has been her rock lately, Zara completely misunderstands the situation. She begins to interpret Toadie’s actions and concludes that he must feel the same way about Amy. And thus the tragic succession of occurrences that Zara started gets under way.

Zara is saddened by Amy’s avoidance of Toadie as he and Mel celebrate their engagement. She expresses her feelings to Harold (Ian Smith), who responds in a way that shows he is also not a great admirer of Toadie and Mel’s union.


When Zara recognises an opportunity, she begs Harold for assistance in separating Mel and Toadie. Harold, unfortunately, won’t have any of it, but he does vow to take her worries seriously. It’s sufficient for her to feel that she has a supporter. Amy valiantly falls on her sword to tell Harold what a wonderful person Mel is when Harold asks Amy what she thinks of Mel.

Zara, however, isn’t about to give up on seeing her mother happy, so after overhearing Harold and spying on their talk, she comes up with a strategy. Are Mel and Toadie likely to lose their way after the difficult journey they’ve taken?

On Channel 5, scenes from Monday, July 4, are shown.

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