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Neighbours Spoilers – New character Byron Stone arrives


We welcome Byron Stone, Jane’s son and Nicolette’s sibling, to Ramsay Street next week on Neighbours in the UK.

These scenes will air in the United Kingdom on Friday, June 25th, and in Australia on Monday, July 11th.

Byron Stone 

“Who?” I understand what you’re asking. Those astute fans who pay attention to every word will notice that Byron is the son of Jane Harris (Annie Jones) and the brother of Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes).


Byron has been rumoured for a long, ready to spring onto Ramsay Street at any minute – it was just a matter of “when,” despite the fact that he’s only been referenced a handful of times over the last few years. Piper Willis (Mavournee Hazel) and Jai Rebecchi’s Piper Willis and Jai Rebecchi’s Piper Willis and Jai Rebecchi’s Piper Willis and Jai Rebecchi’s (Dhruv Malge).

Charlotte responded to a remark on Instagram a few months ago wondering when Byron will arrive. A simple “soon” emoji was her response.

Annie Jones confirmed Charlotte’s hints in an interview with UK site What to Watch. When asked about her family, Jane gave a hint regarding Jane and Nicolette’s future plans.

“It’s possible that some more family members will arrive,” she remarked. “It’s a possibility,”


It’s finally happening — Byron Stone is set to become the newest Ramsay Street resident, despite the fact that Neighbours is only six weeks old.

Joe Klocek, who starred in the Australian teen drama Nowhere Boys and had a brief appearance on Neighbours in 2017 as Ben Kirk’s garage rival, has been cast in the role.

Things go from bad to worse for David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) next week, when an incident while on vacation with Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Nicolette leaves the trio stranded at sea. Nicolette saves the day by finding some emergency petrol, and it’s a race against time to get back to Erinsborough, with David frightened of missing his bail check-in.

While he initially gets away with a warning from the cops, the event means he’s been deemed a flight risk and is being kept in remand while being questioned.


It’s a shock, especially because David wasn’t at fault, and No. 32 takes on a solemn air as they await the results of David’s police interrogation.

However, there’s a distraction around the corner as Aaron peeks out the window and notices a stranger using their pool! He rushes out to meet the mystery man, only to be surprised when he is ignored by the man, who makes a beeline for Jane.

Jane’s son Byron, it turns out, is the fascinating newcomer who couldn’t resist cooling down in the pool before introducing himself.

Jane is overjoyed when he confesses that he intends to settle down in Erinsborough; her golden child has returned!

This golden youngster, however, is more than meets the eye. Prepare for a crazy ride…

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