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Neighbours spoilers: S*x shock for Paul Robinson


Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is so focused on bringing down Glen (Richard Huggett) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) in Neighbours that he misses what’s going on right in front of his eyes. This is going to be painful.

The tension between Terese and Glen has been building for some time, with both of them rejecting their affections but knowing there’s something there. Glen’s recent lie to Chloe about being in love with Terese sparked a discussion and a flow of emotions. They both kept their emotions to themselves, but they were present.

The tragedies they’ve both been engulfed in have kept them from expressing their actual feelings, but this could be the push they need. Terese is distracted with her son Ned’s issue about sleeping with Harlow behind Amy’s back, as well as Montana’s major blunder during Fashion Week. Glen is dealing with the news that Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) has discovered his falsehoods regarding Kiri’s paternity.

When Ned decides he can’t manage his own turmoil any longer, Terese is devastated by the idea of an empty house once more. When she sees Ned leave, she reminds him that her home is always his home. Terese, overcome by sadness and loneliness, comes to Glen, her favourite shoulder to cry on.


Meanwhile, Glen’s secret is revealed when Ramsay Street discovers that he is Kiri’s biological father. At the same time Terese is pining for her family, he hits rock bottom. The two are attracted together and have a heart to heart conversation that quickly evolves into more than just a pep talk.

Paul’s guilty conscience eventually gets the best of him. He orchestrated both Glen’s and Terese’s demises, upsetting a slew of other people in the process. He decides to make atonement after his moral compass spins out of control.

He goes over to apologise and steps into a disaster zone, where he finds Glen and Terese glowing after their post-s*x encounter. Worse yet, he realises that he is the reason they are together. What will Paul do with the vision that has been burned into his mind?

Scenes premiere on Channel 5 on Monday, May 9th.


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