Saturday, January 28, 2023

Neighbours spoilers: Roxy Willis return plans revealed just weeks after exit

Although Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) left Neighbours just a few weeks ago, the programme has confirmed that she will return next week as part of Ned’s (Ben Hall) leaving storyline.

After his romance with Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) was uncovered at Fashion Week, destroying Amy Greenwood’s (Jacinta Stapleton) big moment, Ned has become the public’s worst adversary.

Meanwhile, Harlow is keen to try things out with Ned now that the truth has been revealed. Ned, on the other hand, is split between his affections for both her and Amy, and hence is unsure what to do.

Roxy appears.

Spoilers for next week state that Ned seeks Roxy’s opinion on the matter, and a sneak peek at the end of Friday’s (May 6) episode of the Australian soap teased the moments in question, proving that star Zima Anderson is indeed back on our screens.

Ned can be seen on video asking Roxy for guidance on how to handle his current circumstances. ‘Perhaps you simply need a change of scenery,’ Roxy responds, a suggestion that seems to hit home with him.

Ned will leave Ramsay Street in subsequent scenes, following Roxy’s footsteps.

As viewers are aware, Roxy left Erinsborough last month after learning she was pregnant with Kyle Canning’s (Chris Milligan) child.

‘I’m incredibly disappointed that I won’t be able to see the pregnancy through, because I specifically requested to be pregnant!

,’ Zima said at the time to

“Jason [Herbison], get Roxy pregnant!” I said to the producer.

” [laughs] and he wouldn’t.

‘I was frightened of not getting it at the end of my contract.’ Finally, when I found out Roxy was expecting, I wondered, “Do I get the baby bump?” “, to which he replied, “You may wear it in-between!” “Not on camera.” [laughs]. I only wanted to be pregnant for one reason: to have a super gorgeous baby belly! [laughs].’

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