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Neighbours Spoilers – Surprise reason for Izzy’s return revealed


The Kennedys will be taken aback by Malcolm and Izzy’s arrival on Neighbours in the UK the following week, and their return will have an unexpected cause.

Beginning on July 11 in the UK and July 19 in Australia, these sequences will be broadcast on television.

The final episode of Neighbours will now air in Australia on Thursday, July 28 and in the UK one day later, on Friday, July 29. For additional information on the new air dates for the final episodes, see this article.

Before the end, a significant number of returnees have been promised to us, and it all begins this week with Harold Bishop’s homecoming (Ian Smith). The visitors then start to arrive quickly. Harold asks Joe Mangel (Mark Little) for advise about Melanie, Paul is surprised to receive a business proposal from an old acquaintance in Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien), and Angie Rebecchi (Lesley Baker) is back for Toadie’s engagement.


The shocking returns have now been made public. Two more people are delivered to Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne), and their return is for a reason no one could have anticipated!

Malcolm Kennedy (Benjamin McNair) and Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) have returned to town. But what would simultaneously draw them to Australia?

If anyone needs a refresher, Izzy is Karl’s ex-girlfriend and the father of his child, but we’re sure Susan still has a lot to say about her. Izzy was by no means Malcolm’s favourite person; he was present when Izzy and Karl first began to get close and viewed her as the person who had ended his parents’ marriage.

Although he has returned to the country frequently over the years, he has spent the most of the last 20 years in England with his wife Catherine and, more recently, their daughter Susannah.


In the present, Malcolm surprises his parents by showing up uninvited at Number 28. The assured businessman initially appears apprehensive, but eventually admits that he has some news to give that neither Karl nor Susan could have possibly foreseen.

By just telling his parents that he and Catherine have broken up, he avoids sharing the whole truth. Mal has only given Karl and Susan the first half of the narrative; they are visibly surprised and devastated.

We find out he came to Erinsborough with Izzy and that they are now dating back in his hotel room. Despite her rocky relationship with his father and the fact that she is the mother of his half-sister, Mal has nonetheless developed feelings for Izzy.

Izzy needs to remain concealed in the hotel for a little while longer, only until Malcolm finds the right opportunity, but Malcolm assures her that he will tell Karl and Susan about them.


But soon after, when Mal is back at No. 28 and attempting to wait for the ideal moment once more, Izzy shows up unexpectedly! She drops a very significant indication that they’re dating, assuming he’s already told everyone, and Malcolm has to come clean.

How are Karl and Susan going to respond to this momentous revelation?

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