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Neighbours spoilers: Nicolette Stone is BANNED from the wedding!


On Neighbours, Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) has only gone and gotten herself UNINVITED to Hendrix Greyson’s (Ben Turland) and Mackenzie Hargreaves’ (Georgie Stone) wedding!

Nicolette has been BANNED from the Big Day after an altercation with the groom’s father, Pierce (Tim Robards).

Which is particularly humiliating and upsetting given Nicolette’s efforts to prepare Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding cake on schedule.

To make matters worse, outside Harold’s Cafe, Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) observes Nicolette’s enraged brawl with Pierce.


Kiri is dubious if she wants to be friends with someone as volatile as the fiery redhead, just when she was beginning to see ex-lover Nicolette in a new way!

So it appears that Nicolette is facing a slew of rejections…

Meanwhile, Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding plans are moving full steam ahead.

While awaiting his life-saving lung transplant, Hendrix is determined to give Mackenzie a fairy-tale day to remember.


Then calamity hits when Hendrix realises he made a booking error and the wedding venue is no longer available!

The wedding is only a day away, and the couple has yet to find a new location.

Is their fantasy wedding doomed from the start?

When Mackenzie’s father, Grant (Paul Mecurio, who starred in the hit Australian film Strictly Ballroom), arrives for the pre-wedding festivities, he gets into a passionate argument with Pierce…


Wendy Rodwell (Candice Leask) and her police sergeant husband, Andrew (Lloyd Will), are dismayed to learn that their teenage daughter, Sadie (Emerald Chan), is struggling at her new school.

The pair is working harder than ever to re-enroll Sadie at Erinsborough High School.

But, following her role in the school fire, can headmistress Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) truly make an exception for Sadie?

Neighbours airs on Channel 5 weekdays at 1:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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