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Neighbours spoilers: Major wedding drama revealed for Hendrix and Mackenzie


In Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland) and Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) have had a difficult few weeks, but the duo will be all smiles next week as they tie the wedding in moving moments.

Hendrix has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, an illness that happens when lung tissue is compromised, as viewers are aware.

Hendrix’s death was caused by a fire at his high school.

His sole medical option is a lung transplant, which has been difficult for him to comprehend, particularly since the Rodwells have relocated to Ramsay Street.


As fans will recall, Sadie Rodwell (Emerald Chan) was involved in the fire that caused him to get pulmonary fibrosis.

Hendrix, on the other hand, has done his best not to hold Sadie responsible, preferring to focus on the positive and the future.

Mackenzie had been a tremendous support during his suffering, so he decided to take a chance and propose to her.

After a journey to Sydney to inform his mother and father of his condition, Hendrix took Mackenzie to his favourite area and proposed.


Mackenzie was completely taken aback and accepted his proposal.

When the couple returned to Erinsborough, they wasted no time in telling their friends and family about their wonderful news, and Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) threw them an engagement party.

Hendrix then got a call from the hospital, telling him that they’d located a donor who was a match for him, which meant he’d be getting a lung transplant!

Everyone was ecstatic as they shared in his wonderful moment, filled with hope for the future.


However, there is a bump in their bliss this week, as Hendrix, desperate to learn who his donor is, unwittingly sabotage the procedure.

Mackenzie leaps into action, approaching the donor’s father and pleading with him to rethink removing his son off the transplant list. Will her efforts be sufficient?

That remains to be seen, but later images show Hendrix and Mackenzie speeding up their wedding plans, with the former vowing to give the latter the wedding of her dreams.

The couple’s zoo reservation falls through next week, and they’re left scurrying to locate a replacement venue for the big day, all while dealing with Grant (Paul Mercurio) and Pierce’s father turmoil (Tim Robards).

Things, on the other hand, go off without a hitch the next day, when Hendrix and Mackenzie’s fantasy wedding begins.

Their first dance is enjoyable, but as Grant enters for the father-daughter dance, tears flow.


The newlyweds bask in their happily ever after, surrounded by affection.

Meanwhile, Pierce and Grant are embarrassed over upsetting their children on the eve of the wedding, so they apologise at the reception.

After the wedding, the happy couple embarks on their ‘homey-moon,’ which is simply an at-home party, thanks to Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) and Kiri Hua Durant (April Rose Pengilly) (Gemma Bird Mattheson).

Meanwhile, Pierce delivers his wedding gift, a completely paid-for condo, and the newlyweds are overjoyed, looking forward to their future together.

The day of Hendrix’s operation approaches as the week draws to a close, and he does his best to conceal his anxieties.

Mackenzie, on the other hand, sees right through his arrogance and reassures him.

Following that, Hendrix enters surgery accompanied by his loved ones, for whom the wait begins.

Is he going to be okay?

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