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Neighbours confirms new chapter in evil Corey storyline


We may not have seen the last of villainous Corey Smythe-Jones, according to Neighbours.

After being exposed for his sick attempts to influence Harlow Robinson, Corey did a U-turn last week.

Although everyone was relieved when Harlow returned home to Erinsborough after her heinous ordeal, there was also resentment that Corey’s deeds had gone unpunished.

Harlow is shocked to learn that Corey’s fixation with her isn’t finished in next week’s shows on Channel 5.


Harlow realises that Corey has installed spyware on her phone and is still hell-bent on recruiting her into the Restoration Order.

Harlow, determined to stand up to Corey, decides to use the malware to her advantage by deceiving him.

Harlow feels she can trick Corey into falling into a trap, with the cops waiting to apprehend him.

Despite the fact that Harlow’s friends and family are concerned about her tactics, she makes it apparent that she means business and warns Corey to be careful.


Harlow executes her plan the next day by sending some deceptive texts to Corey, knowing that he will read them.

When there isn’t an immediate success, Harlow is disappointed.

Sergeant Andrew Rodwell, who recently relocated to Ramsay Street, advises Harlow not to let her Corey goal overwhelm her life in this way.

Harlow considers this and becomes reflective, realising that it may be time for a change. Is Harlow still in danger, though, with Corey still on the loose?


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