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Neighbours Spoilers – Krista collapses as Chelsea goes too far


Chelsea overreaches next week on Neighbours when she locks Krista in a sauna, causing a startling breakdown.

TV Week claims that after Paul (Stefan Dennis) compliments Krista (Majella Davis), Chelsea (Viva Bianca) becomes envious and takes a reckless action that puts Krista and her unborn child in jeopardy.

To say that Krista has struggled since moving from England to Australia would be an understatement.

Her first error was to get friends with Holly’s (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) ex-boyfriend Eden (Costa D’Angelo), who was out to obtain as much money as he could by any means necessary.


Even though Krista was already dependent on narcotics, Eden tried his hardest to keep her supplies stocked, which made her turn to her previous partner Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) for financial assistance.

On the Lassiters rooftop, Melanie and Krista got into a heated argument. After Melanie shoved Krista, she fell and hit her head, knocking her out cold.

Melanie believed Krista was dead, which provided Eden with the ideal excuse to remove her body and then use extortion to quiet Paul.

Eventually, in the basement of an abandoned house where Eden was hiding out, Krista was discovered on the verge of death. After receiving complete medical attention, she was able to overcome her addiction with the support of David (Takaya Honda), who became her sober companion in the end.


After her sister Reece Sinclair (Mischa Barton) left, a recuperating Krista told Paul she would take charge of the hotel’s operations and quickly started participating in its activities. Reece’s sister’s family had lately acquired half of Lassiters.

Paul suggested that she had taken something after she passed out during the Summer Nights party she had planned, but she maintained that her drink had been tainted. It was thought that Eden was at fault when it was later discovered that he was free on bond.

After getting close to Leo (Tim Kano), Krista went on a large group vacation with her new lover, Aaron (Matt Wilson), David, and Nicolette (Hannah Monson). However, Eden abruptly ended the trip after learning that Krista was expecting his child.

David bravely dashed in and shoved Eden away as Leo grappled with her. Unfortunately, he had failed to notice the sheer cliff face next to the grappling couple. As a result, David and Eden fell down a steep drop, killing Krista’s sober companion and friend in an unfortunate accident.


A rather exciting few months in Erinsborough, then. Having persuaded Paul to assign her the role of Acting Manager of Lassiters, the power-hungry newbie Chelsea is now her opponent.

Chelsea has made every effort to discredit Krista, even going so far as to instigate a staffing crisis in order to ruin the Lassiters Longest Lie-In.

Fortunately, Krista gracefully surmounted the obstacle, and the event was a great success.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

In today’s episode, Paul gave Krista a bouquet of flowers and seemed sincere in his appreciation for all of her hard work.


In the upcoming episode, Chelsea executes the next phase of her Project Steal Paul’s Money scheme by quitting her contraceptive pill and then launching a charm offensive to try and entice Paul into bed as much as possible.

Next week, Krista receives a great opportunity to display her abilities when Lucy (Melissa Bell) asks her to conduct the Lie-In presentation to the Lassiters global group, giving her even more confidence boost.

Naturally, Chelsea feels that leading the presentation should be her responsibility as Acting Manager, so she is disappointed when Paul says that Krista should have the opportunity to do so.

Paul, who is showing genuine appreciation for Krista for the first time, tells Chelsea that it might be time to take a step back, which infuriates the bankrupt businesswoman even more.

Is she losing out on the opportunity to inherit some of the Lassiters’ wealth?

According to TV Week, Paul continues to assign Krista more duties, such as firing an untrustworthy employee. Has Paul truly made a change of heart?

“Krista’s self-assurance is currently thriving,” Majella informs the Australian newspaper. “She feels like she’s finding ways to show everyone that she’s a successful, strong woman at last,”

Unfortunately for Chelsea, her strategy doesn’t seem to be working because Krista avoids what Majella refers to as Chelsea’s “brazen attempts to worm her way into Paul’s life.”

Knowing that her window of chance is closing, Chelsea pulls off her most sly manoeuvre to far. Shortly before the presentation is scheduled to start, she informs Krista that there is a maintenance problem at the hotel sauna.

Krista is in a tough predicament over at the sauna. The spa’s door has mysteriously locked. Who could have carried that out?

The extreme heat soon overcomes a pregnant Krista, causing her to collapse.

Will Krista and her foetus fare well?

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