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15 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Cash begins his new job as a private detective on Home and Away.

Other scenes include Mac playing with fire, Leah and Justin moving forward, and Valerie disclosing a terrible secret from her past.

  1. John succeeds in his quest

John and Roo disagree about what should be done with the anonymous donation from the Surf Club. He says they should spend it to save the failing company, but she wants to wait until they find out what the individual wants.

They let the committee decide what’s best, as suggested by Irene, but Roo is shocked when every vote goes in support of John.


Rose’s refusal to look into the mystery money issue forces Roo, despite her best attempts to rein in John’s spending, to concede defeat.

  1. Mac ends his relationship with Levi

Mackenzie, still in shock over learning that Levi is wed, lashes out at Mali about the doctor’s intransigence in staying with his wife.

When Levi shows up at her home, pleading for another chance, Mac tells him no, that she won’t be the “other woman,” and he leaves.

The following morning, Mac approaches Levi at his hotel and bids him farewell, stating that she is done.

  1. Mali and Rose are perched on a cliff.

As Rose dives headfirst into her new career as Senior Constable, the relationship between her and Mali is beginning to show cracks.

When Rose cancels their plans for lunch and dinner and politely declines her offer of coffee the next day, Mali becomes enraged.

Mali sends his girlfriend an apology message after realising his mistake, but it’s obvious that pressure from her promotion is keeping them apart.

  1. Mali is Mac compatible.

Rose is perplexed as to why Mali is acting so worriedly about Mac.


She questions him about it, but he won’t reveal her affair with Levi in order to protect his friend’s trust.

Mac implores Mali to stop worrying about her and spend more time with Rose later on at home, but he says he can only handle one situation at a time.

  1. Cash becomes a private detective

Rose, in the meantime, follows up with Cash and acknowledges that she’s finding it difficult to handle her growing workload.

Rose is a great police officer, he tells her, so quit trying so hard.

Rose tells Cash about the Surf Club mystery donor case, thanking him for his support. He informs Roo that he is on the case after deciding he wants to assist.

  1. Justin is devoted to Leah.

When Justin keeps sticking around the Diner in the hopes of running into Leah, Irene gives him a hard talk.


Justin can’t help but stop by Alf’s, where Leah is staying, on his way home. Justin chooses to wait when she doesn’t answer the door for him.

Leah eventually allows Justin inside, but she’s not amused that he violated their understanding to give her space.

  1. Justin crosses the line

Valerie sympathises with Justin and exhorts him to keep trying for Leah.

Leah grudgingly accepts his invitation to dinner when he takes her advise to heart. While dining with them, Theo and Valerie make an effort to diffuse any unpleasant situations.

After that, Justin gives Leah a ride home and tries to kiss her, but she resists. Will he feel bad about going too far?

  1. A shocking revelation from Valerie

Valerie receives an apology from Theo for upsetting her by inquiring about her family history.

Later, Valerie confides in Theo about her involvement in a horrific vehicle accident that resulted in her brother’s death.

Valerie reveals that she ended up in a mental health facility because her parents blamed her for the tragedy and haven’t spoken to her since her sibling’s death.

  1. Leah extends an invitation to Justin.

When Leah visits Justin at the garage, she inquires about the direction their relationship is taking.

His response is straightforward: he wants Leah to go home and for them to reconcile, but only when she’s ready.

During a walk, the divorcing couple embrace, and Leah feels confident enough to kiss Justin, giving him hope for their future.

  1. Dana offers assistance

Eager Dana tells Cash everything he needs to know about Simon Henderson and his withdrew sponsorship as Cash is delving into the surreal Surf Club contribution.

Dana hopes to be Cash’s sidekick, but the former police officer tells her he’ll take it from there. Cash is grateful for her help.

  1. Tane has moved on, Felicity

Felicity is happy that Cash is settling in well at his new work.

When he confronts his sister about a conversation he saw her having with Xander, Felicity is forced to acknowledge having slept with Tane.

Cash worries that she might be holding onto unfounded hopes for a reunion, but Felicity is adamant that she and Tane are over.

  1. Remi has a breakdown

Remi goes back to his house to continue healing, but he lets Bree know he’s still in the hospital.

Kirby feels awkward about lying to his fiancée, even if Remi emphasises that he doesn’t want her to worry about him.

Eden has to summon Levi for assistance after Remi, who has overexerted himself, collapses on the bathroom floor.

  1. Remi and Eden get some important news

Remi receives morphine from Levi, who rescues her.

After the episode, Remi is frightened and apologises to Kirby for forcing her to trick Bree.

Later, a text message informs Remi and Eden that their captors, Mickey and Wes, would be punished the following week, ruining their relaxing time.

  1. Levi and Mac pick up their romance again

Levi, meanwhile, can’t help but give in to temptation as he makes his way to Salt in the hopes of running into Mac.

The forbidden lovers return to Levi’s hotel room and begin ripping one other’s clothes off as sparks fly between them.

Levi’s wife calls to interrupt them, but this time they ignore her and continue.

  1. Harper experiences loneliness

After learning that her ex-fiance had a child with his new partner, Harper is depressed.

Dana tries to cheer up her sister with a drink, and together they retell Harper’s story of leaving her former partner at the altar.

Harper acknowledges that he should go on with his life and that she is sad that she does not have a significant other in her life.

Dana promises to take charge and make that right, but who will be the fortunate man?

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