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Neighbours spoilers: Kiri in quandary over Nic and Chloe love triangle


In this week’s episode of Neighbours, Kiri Hua Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) is torn between her feelings for Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) and Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes). She believes she has affections for Chloe for the time being, but an unanticipated series of circumstances may show where her heart truly rests. She must make a choice.

Kiri decides to keep her distance after witnessing Nicolette’s violent outburst. Kiri doesn’t want to be associated with someone who has such a bad temper. Chloe, on the other hand, tries to convince her that Nic isn’t all awful and that she should embrace her for who she is. Kiri sees Nic in a different light as a result of Chloe’s pep talk, implying that Chloe is unknowingly driving Kiri into the arms of another woman.

Kiri agrees to set aside her reservations about Nicolette, and Nic is overjoyed that they may be friends once more. Kiri becomes aware of her strange attraction to Nic as a result of this meeting. What exactly does this imply?!

When Jane (Annie Jones) invites Asher to Nic’s wedding as a date, Kiri’s indecisiveness is slapped in the face. Kiri is taken aback by this, and she begins to experience a wave of jealousy that she had not anticipated. Because she’s thinking on Nic instead of Chloe, a beautiful moment with her is destroyed.


Kiri hooks up with Chloe to get her mind off the love triangle she’s constructed for herself. But things don’t go as planned — in fact, it’s a total flop. The next morning, they are both extremely awkward, and despite their acrimony, Kiri wants to push things further while Chloe is hesitant. They agree to try again, but are they flogging a dead horse?

Meanwhile, Nicolette and Asher go on a date and have a terrific time. Has Kiri misplaced her?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, June 6th.

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