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Neighbours spoilers: Gun TERROR at Number 24!


Yikes! On today’s Neighbours episode, will a Ramsay Street resident get shot when a dangerous and armed intruder breaks into Number 24?

Freya Wozniak, a resident of Number 24, hopes she has seen the last of Emma McIver, the bad girl (Phoebe Roberts) (Jessica Clarke).

Freya, a former hospital nurse who also dated Freya’s now-deceased fiance, Gareth Bateman, has been coerced into assisting Emma by threats and blackmail.

Emma has agreed to assist in keeping Dr. David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) secure in his cell in Warrinor Prison in exchange for this.


But can you rely on Emma?

Emma enters the room while Freya and her roommate Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) are enjoying some peace and quiet.

She has given Freya another task.

And if Freya declines to provide a hand, David will this time DIE in jail!


David is prepared to go ahead and wear a concealed wire to help Sergeant Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) catch the dishonest jail guard while being unaware of the hostage HORROR at Number 24.

David is aware of the substantial risk.

But he’s willing to go to any lengths to leave prison and rejoin his family.

David, however, experiences a horrifying turn of events when Dan Waskett, another prisoner, confronts him (Kaden Hartcher)…


Jane Harris (Annie Jones), who is now on Ramsay Street, is filled with inquiries.

Jane’s siblings, Byron (Joe Klocek) and Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes), show her the picture of Jane’s ex-boyfriend, Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine), and affluent businesswoman, Danielle Pendlebury (Christine Stephen-Daly).

Clive denies having an extramarital affair.

However, Nicolette’s damning photograph appears to prove otherwise.

However, Jane is upset when Clive is honest about a repulsive episode in his past.

Jane makes the decision to address Danielle directly in search of clarification.


Could Jane and Clive’s relationship be over now?

On Channel 5, Neighbours airs every day at 1:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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