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Neighbours spoilers: Clive’s surprising past uncovered


In Neighbours, Joe Klocek’s character Byron is uncovering some surprises as he investigates Clive’s (Geoff Paine) history.

Byron has switched into PI mode to determine whether Clive is cheating on his mother Jane after realising Clive has a connection to one of his clients (Annie Jones). What will they find out? Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is involved in this covert mission.

Unfortunately for Byron, he is not very skilled at spying and is exposed while attempting to determine Danielle’s relationship to Clive. Instantly taking action, Danielle dismisses him. Danielle then informs Clive that Byron is planning something.

This is a mistake for Danielle and Clive, as Nicolette overhears their conversation and takes a photo as proof. Because of how incriminating it is, Nic and Byron are convinced that Clive is breaking the law.


The siblings present their findings to their mother Jane with what they believe to be all the evidence they require. Jane confronts Clive, who is ready to confess after being forced into a corner by an outraged Jane. Jane is upset as he shares a particularly repulsive episode from his background. She asks Danielle for clarification, but instead of relieving Jane’s anxiety, she makes matters worse by disclosing some even more startling revelations. Will Clive and Jane ever part ways?

On Monday, July 11, scenes are broadcast on Channel 5.

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