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Home and Away’s Luke Van Os reveals cousin and Thor star Chris Hemsworth has been a ‘huge support’

Since his days in Summer Bay, Chris Hemsworth has come a long way, and now his cousin Luke Van Os is following in his footsteps by joining the cast of Home and Away.

Luke, who portrays Xander Delaney, made his debut in the Channel 5 soap opera earlier this year and has since directed a number of significant storylines, establishing himself as quite the star.

However, given that the 24-year-old is linked to Hollywood royalty in the Hemsworth brothers, this shouldn’t be shocking.

Luke is the cousin of Thor actor Chris, who also began his career in Summer Bay from 2004 and 2007, portraying Kim Hyde for three years.

He told, “I always liked movies growing up!” when explaining his early dream to become an actor. “The concept of immersing oneself in a video and watching it for hours on end.” I like telling stories, reading books, and watching movies.

“I believe it was truly my cousins who made me realise that it was a possibility and that this might be a career,”

Through his father, Luke, who is connected to the Hemsworths, revealed to us that he frequently “checks in” with Chris, Liam, and Luke [Hemsworth], all of whom have experienced significant success in Hollywood since their separate appearances in soap operas.

As previously established, Chris began his career on Home and Away, but Liam began his on Neighbours by portraying Josh Taylor, a semi-regular character. Luke, the older brother of the two and a star of Westworld, played Nathan Tyson for a while in Ramsay Street.

They have provided enormous help, said Van Os. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to enjoy yourself and not put too much pressure on yourself.

I’m just trying to take each day and learn as much as I can, and do the best I can. Chris has been through the exact same experience, and he had a lot of fun while it was happening.

Chris said to Sunrise that he “jumped on Zoom” with Luke before his Home and Away audition to assist him. The Thor: Love and Thunder actor even said that he found the experience to be “nostalgic.”

On May 5, Van Os made his Home and Away television debut in the UK when Xander arrived in Summer Bay in an attempt to contact his sister Jasmine (Sam Frost), who was not aware of his presence.

When discussing the plot, Luke said: “Anyone finding their new sister would be intrigued to learn more about Jasmine,”

He’s adjusting nicely, I see. Although he’s still getting to know people because it’s a new place, I believe he truly enjoys the Bay!

And Luke isn’t the only one settling in well—he has done so to such an extent that it is now difficult to imagine the Australian soap opera without him!

He said to us, “I still feel new and I’m constantly learning.” I’m still uneasy. The last ten months have gone by, but it’s been the finest. The cast, crew, and producers were the best I could have wished for.

“Everyone is very encouraging.” It doesn’t feel like effort at all! It’s a lot of fun. I spend the entire day playing volleyball on the nicest beaches in the world. I have no complaints!

Next week, when newbie Millie refuses to be honest about a vehicle accident she was involved in, Xander will be at the centre of a significant plot.

Knowing the facts, the paramedic is put in a difficult situation when show regular Logan (Harley Bonner) is charged with the crime.

According to Luke, “Xander is split between wanting to support Millie and doing what is right and not letting Logan get blamed for something he didn’t do.” That is the conflict he faces: attempting to get Millie to take responsibility for her acts while simultaneously defending her.

Sounds like a very interesting situation!

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