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Neighbours spoilers: Ben Hall reveals ‘moving’ aftermath as Ned and Harlow’s affair is exposed


After his romance with Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) was exposed in absolutely dramatic manner, Ned Willis (Ben Hall) will have some major explaining to do in Neighbours.

We mean that literally, in case you didn’t get the joke.

Harlow held up a dress while images were projected onto it during Amy Greenwood’s (Jacinta Stapleton) big moment at Fashion Week, and it was the moment of truth.

Sadly for her and Ned, the photos in question were of their torrid passion, which astonished everyone in the room.


Amy’s happiness quickly turned to sadness as she realised she’d been duped the entire time.

‘What a dreadful way to destroy Amy’s big day!,’ actor Ben Hall said of the episode’s events to ‘She’s got this fantasy of exhibiting her paintings. That is utterly polluted.’

Ben stated that Ned is tortured with ‘guilt’ in the moments that follow, as he tries to explain himself to Amy about his relationship with Harlow.

‘They go backstage after [the Fashion Show],’ the serial star explained. ‘Amy is disturbed – and, let’s be honest, enraged! Jacinta did an excellent job on these, and they are well-written.


‘I believe they are some of the most affecting scenes that the audience will experience.’ They’re fantastic!’

While Amy’s shock and anguish will be front and centre in the following scenes, let’s not forget who is to blame for Ned and Harlow’s affair being exposed.

Who was in charge of making sure the graphics were projected onto the dress?

‘As Ned, I remember standing there thinking, “Who would do this?”‘ Ben added. ‘At the time, he doesn’t have any enemies.’ Who is attempting to tarnish his reputation, who is attempting to bring this to light?’


All you have to do now is tune in to find out!

Harlow, on the other hand, will make it plain that, despite the way their relationship ended, she still wants to be in a relationship with Ned.

Will Ned, on the other hand, share your sentiments?

‘The guilt is present,’ Ben explained. ‘ He’s attempting to make amends with Amy for what he’s done. But I believe it’s also the fact that he’s realising that, with it all coming out like this and since he cheated, it’s harmed both of his relationships.

‘He’ll never forget how his connection with Harlow started.’ The terrible guilt, as well as the fact that it was an affair, kills it for him. He had to choose between the two, and he does so.’

But what will be the outcome of that decision?


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