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Neighbours schemer Paul Robinson is caught out for sabotaging Terese Willis


Paul Robinson, the mastermind behind the sabotage plot against his estranged wife Terese Willis on Neighbours, has been arrested.

Paul has been conspiring against Terese for weeks, giving her complete control over Fashion Week at Lassiters, knowing full well that it will end in disaster.

Montana Marcel, as Paul had suspected all along, was in significant financial and legal difficulties. Montana was detained in the middle of the expensive event, which has tarnished the hotel’s reputation.

Susan Kennedy noticed something was wrong in Tuesday’s show on Channel 5, and Paul’s nefarious plan came back to haunt him.


Paul felt truly sorry for the Kennedys’ $200,000 loss as a result of Karl’s rash investment in Montana’s new start-up business.

Montana had been trading while insolvent for several months, Paul revealed when he paid a visit to Number 28 to check on his buddies.

Susan questioned Paul’s knowledge of this, so he backtracked and pretended that he was just guessing.

Susan went to Lassiters, unconvinced, and informed Terese that Paul appeared to have prior knowledge of Montana’s financial troubles.


Terese was shocked to learn that Paul had been planning against her for weeks, hoping to ruin Fashion Week.

When Terese finally confronted Paul, she told him that he’d passed a boundary from which he couldn’t return.

“Do you truly hate me that much that you’re willing to destroy our business to hurt me?” Terese inquired. Is that where we’re at right now?

“I will never forgive you for what you’ve done to me, the company, and the people who rely on us to keep their jobs safe.” This is a battle.”


Will Paul come to regret his decision to cross Terese?

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