Friday, April 19, 2024

Neighbours reveals why Kylie & Jason had limited dialogue in finale


There has been a lot of criticism about Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s sequences having almost no conversation since the highly praised Neighbours conclusion last week.

This was in stark contrast to the outpouring for Guy Pearce, who had a key role in the finale storyline. The press has oddly hypothesised as to why the actors’ “silence” might have been the result of anything from being paid by the word… to forgetting lines. Harsh.

The timing of their covert filming, according to executive producer Jason Herbison of TV Tonight, made it stand apart from finale stories.

We frequently discussed making a minor appearance in our conversations with Jason (Donovan) and Kylie. They didn’t want to make the finale about them or overwhelm the current cast. Additionally, we shot their scenes before I had finished writing the episode, so anything we captured had to work with that. I hate to see Kylie taking any flak because she was simply magnificent that day, he remarked.


Several sources have also claimed that sets are being destroyed on the Nunawading site.

That is untrue.

Nothing has been destroyed, and we haven’t made any choices concerning the sets, said Herbison.

“We are lucky to have the Nunawading studios for a number of additional months, and we will use the location for other films, including the currently filming Riptide. This provides us lots of time to plan ahead.


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