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Neighbours reboot preview: You can’t keep a good dog down


Anyone who was concerned that watching Neighbours on streaming would not be the same is gravely misguided. It’s back and it’s still very soap operatic.

After enjoying the first few episodes of the well-liked Australian soap opera, I can assure fans that they shouldn’t be concerned.

I promise not to give away any plot details here, though it’s difficult not to give away one major plot point that I want to shout from the rooftops. Nevertheless, I’m here to calm your fears and convince Neighbours viewers that they will enjoy the Amazon Freevee era just as much as they did the BBC and Channel 5 offerings.

There has been plenty of time for drama since the events of the finale took place two years prior to our return to Ramsay Street. There have been some really significant developments that will gradually come to light during the upcoming season; even after watching the eight episodes, there are still some unanswered questions.


Being in the dark isn’t very bothersome, though. For a brief while, it feels like we’ve been on vacation, and now that the dust has cleared, we’re heading back home (though some of the balloon explosion confetti is amazingly still in tact). I think soaps are the finest at long-tail planning, and this is what they do best.

Given that Neighbours is debuting to a new audience, pardon the script’s overabundance of explanation in the first episode. While more seasoned viewers may be yelling for our favourite characters to “get on with it,” newer visitors to Erinsborough will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to catch up.

Sincerely, you won’t have to wait long until the first huge (really, I’m not overstating it) twist occurs in all its soap operatic magnificence. It hasn’t returned if you were expecting a very quiet return from Neighbours. This soap opera twist is up there with the greatest of them.

I may discuss the arrival of the Varga-Murphy family, who provide a new aspect to the play. Remi Rukavina and Cara West are the mothers of the family. In addition to providing some fresh possibilities for the plot, they serve as a point of entry for new viewers, easing their transition into the admittedly complicated world of Neighbours by answering all the conveniently appropriate questions about Erinsborough.


Hollywood actress Mischa Barton, who portrays the enigmatic Reece, is the other newcomer. Though fans will have to wait a little while longer to learn why she’s in Ramsay Street, she appears to be enjoying herself immensely there, quickly clicking with the recast Byron (Xavier Molyneux).

There are definitely sparks between the two, and even though the character can occasionally get lost in the soap opera world, having Byron and subsequently Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) as confidants gives her character, who is so secretive, a lot of potential.

Overall, the first few episodes are quite strong. Instead of bringing about a drastic change as some had feared, Amazon Freevee’s entry has improved what it already had. I had the good fortune to witness filming on the Melbourne set earlier in the year, and it’s encouraging to see that, just a few months into the shoot, everyone has a strong spring in their step and a renewed sense of purpose.

They really are a large, happy family there, and they are eager to share with the world what they have been working so hard on. It’s obvious that everyone working on Neighbours adores and cherishes it, and they will stop at nothing to keep it within their grasp. I was informed by Jackie Woodburne that “you can axe us, you can cancel us… we’ll just keep coming back.” Yes, exactly.


I promise you, there are going to be even more surprises, turns, and twists in store. Stay tuned for more details. very quickly. When Neighbours opens on September 18th, keep a look out on for breakdowns on that twist, ooh, and that moment, and that shock. For now, our mouths are shut.

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